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                                       Tall Tree Property Owners Association
                                                60 Cypress Creek Drive
                                                 Mt. Vernon, TX  75457

                                                Newsletter, July, 2018

Here we are at mid-year 2018 with summer fun underway.  Much has been accomplished during the first 6 months and many important efforts are yet to be implemented.  Tall Tree board members are shown below.  Note that Tim Doell was appointed to replace John Astrello who sold his property and moved.

Board of Directors
                Ed Claypool, President                                                   (812)350-6862
                Mike Morgan, Vice President & ACC Chairman                    (817)832-1976
                Ridley Briggs, Treasurer                                                 (903)860-2555
                Julie Boyd, Secretary                                                     (615)430-2063
                Sandy Stephens                                                            (214)240-1926
                Ed Loutherback                                                             (903)860-2237
                Tim Doell                                                                     (214)535-7788

Road Improvements
All paving was done early this year.  Roads paved were as follows:
North – Two road segments were improved including approximately 0.25 miles of San Saba east of the intersection with Cimarron and approximately 0.20 miles of the south end of Angelina.  Both of these segments were widened to 18 ft. which required a significant amount of additional base material.  The existing roadway and the new material was stabilized with Portland cement and then asphalt paved.  The cost of this work was significantly greater than the amount in the North assessment account.  Therefore, it will be a number of years before this deficit is erased and sufficient funds collected to continue improving North roads.  Hopefully, we can make similar improvements to the main roads in the future. The board is investigating alternative road improvement methods for side roads to lower costs so that more work can be accomplished in the future.
South – Paving of all three entrances has improved the appearance of our property and provided good road surfaces for incoming traffic.  Approximately 0.40 miles of Whispering Pine South from the north entrance to Live Oak was paved.  A significant portion of the segment between Coons Crossing and Live Oak was stabilized with Portland cement to insure a long lasting roadway.  Approximately 0.50 miles of the main entrance, Cypress Creek Drive was paved and many failures in the old roadway were stabilized before paving.  The planter box at the entrance was also removed to improve traffic flow into the development and to eliminate vehicle collisions with it.  The culvert at the south gate was replaced and the entrance paved.

Trailer Storage
As stated in the January, 2018 newsletter, Tall Tree provides a low cost offsite trailer storage area.  All trailers in the storage area must be registered with the office by December 31, 2018 or they will be removed at the owner’s expense or will be reported as abandoned property to the sheriff’s office.  A list of all known trailers and their registered owners is attached.  If you have a trailer stored there and your name is not on the list, complete a storage form and submit it to the office.  The form is available on our website, www.talltreepoa.com .

Maintenance Fee Structure Committee
In 2017 the board established a committee to investigate the maintenance fee structure and recommend possible changes. Some conclusions have been reached but this is a very complicated and difficult issue.  The committee solicited input from other lake developments both in Texas and surrounding states.  They found that there were few, if any, developments that had the property diversity that exists in Tall Tree.  One of the driving forces for a change in the fee structure was septic system requirements.  When aerobic septic systems became the norm, it required property owners in the North and East to have multiple lots to accommodate a septic system for a dwelling.  This multi-lot requirement may be addressed in future changes in fee structure.

According to the Franklin County Water District (FCWD), the use of fireworks around the lake is limited to the following holidays: January 1, Texas Independence Day (March 2nd), San Jacinto Day (April 21), Memorial Day, July 4th and New Year’s Eve.  When a holiday lands on a weekday, the use period may be expanded to encompass additional days.  Generally, the FCWD would like the use to stop at 10 p.m.    Franklin County does not have a use policy but does limit fireworks sales to periods around these dates.  The county also prohibits the sale and use of fireworks during burn bans.  Tall Tree embraces the FCWD policy but is unable to enforce it. However, if we are provided the date, time and name (or address) of the property owner who uses fireworks outside of the FCWD policy, we will contact them and ask them to refrain from doing so in the future.  If you want immediate response to a violation, the sheriff or lake patrol can be called.  If you plan to use fireworks, please be considerate of your neighbors and confine their use to the above periods.

Long-Range Plans
During the early part of this year, a long-range planning project was undertaken.  Input was collected from numerous residents and past board members.  The board has had thoughtful discussions to place priorities on upgrades to many of the assets, operational systems and the environment in the development.  Many of these projects will require additional funding but some only require policy and community educational changes.

Past Due Fees
Starting in 2017 the board has encouraged the property manager to aggressively collect past due fees from property owners who have significant fee balances.  Many methods have been used to contact these owners and work-out payment plans.  If you have a past due fee balance, contact the office to establish a payment plan.  This will protect your credit

Board Candidates
The term for three board members will end this fall.  We need at least 3, and preferably more, candidates for the board to fill these positions.  If you are interested, come to the board meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the clubhouse to become familiar with the issues confronting the board.  If still interested, provide the office with a brief outline of your background and efforts you would like to pursue when on the board.

Contractor Gate Code and Dumpster Schedule
The contractor gate code for the last six months of 2018 is ????.
The dumpster schedule for the next six months is: July 3; Aug. 31; Oct. 3; Nov. 21 and Dec. 24.