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                                               Tall Tree Property Owners Association
                                                  60 Cypress Creek Drive
                                                  Mt. Vernon, TX  75457

                                                Newsletter January, 2020

A new year is upon us and the Board is looking forward to accomplishing a number of tasks that will improve the appearance of and enhance operations of Tall Tree.  The past Board accomplished much but there is always more to do.  If you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of Tall Tree’s appearance or operations, please feel free to contact any member of the Board or the Tall Tree Property Manager, Anthony Nelson, at (903)860-2694.

Board of Directors
Bill Miller, President                                          (903)860-3111                     (214)202-6175 (cell)
Mark Jackson, Vice President                           (903)860-7131                     (817)266-8096 (cell)
Jim Hancock, Treasurer                                                                                      (214)263-2079 (cell)
Mike Morgan, Secretary                                                                                     (817)832-1976 (cell)
Chris Glenz, ACC                                                                                                  (903)767-1172 (cell)
John Bothwell, ACC                                                                                              (925)577-0382 (cell)
Ed Loutherback, Roads                                       (903)860-2237

New Maintenance Fees
As announced in last July’s newsletter, the board has approved a maintenance fee increase of $5 per year for the first lot beginning in 2020.  This increase is necessary to accommodate increasing costs of operation.  In summary, the following changes have been made:
South (properties on and south of Whispering Pine Trail North) – Maintenance Fees – Water Front Lots: $305/year; Interior Lots: $255/year (additional lots reduced by 50% each with the decrease frozen at 3 lots and the total fee capped at 5 lots).  Road Assessment (unchanged) - $150/year for the first lot with additional lots reduced by 50% each with the decrease frozen at 3 lots and the total fee capped at 5 lots.
North (properties on and north of San Saba – the area accessible via Cimarron) – Maintenance Fees - $205/year (additional lots reduced by 50% each with the decrease frozen at 3 lots and the total fee capped at 5 lots).  Road Assessment (unchanged)- $50/year for the first lot with additional lots reduced by 50% each with the decrease frozen at 3 lots and the total fee capped at 5 lots.
East (non-gated properties east of Hwy 2723) – Maintenance Fees - $225/year (additional lots reduced by 50% each with no further fees for lots in excess of 5.  No road assessment.

Fiber Optics Coming to Tall Tree
Peoples Communication, the local phone/internet provider, began installation of a fiber optic network in Tall Tree in late November with completion projected in early 2020.  Download rates from 25 Mbps to 250 Mbps will be available.  Connection to this network will enhance your ability to stream HD and 4K movies, work from home and upload large files quickly and make your home a ‘smart home’.  For more information, contact Peoples at peoplescom.net/firberilec or (800)333-9779.

Feeding of Deer
In the past the board has asked property owners to not feed the deer.  Many property owners have responded to this request but a few have not.  There are three main reasons for this request.  First and foremost, feeding them brings them into close contact with humans and pets.  Deer are the reproductive host for deer ticks which are responsible for many know diseases in humans.  Secondly, supplemental feeding of deer encourages them to remain in Tall Tree and creates overpopulation.  The resident game warden has expressed concern about this overpopulation and resultant inbreeding.  This is very unhealthy.  Thirdly, residual feed placed on properties for deer can attract feral hogs.  Feral hogs are prevalent in the area and are active nearby.  Feral hogs are very destructive and can be very dangerous.  The board is asking all property owners to voluntarily REFRAIN FROM FEEDING DEER.  If this request is ignored, it may be necessary to impose a fine for non-compliance.

Major road improvements are generally scheduled during even numbered years.  This practice is followed because we are able to accumulate two years of road assessment income which is sufficient to attract road improvement contractors.  Therefore, no major road improvements were made in 2019.  Plans are being formulated for 2020.  The plans involve work in both the North and South parts of the development.  The work in the North will be scaled back so that a portion of the road assessment collected can be used to offset the deficit in the road assessment fund.  This deficit was is the result of the expanded scope of work in 2018.  The board will look at alternatives to asphalt paving for application on the roads in the North.

Inoperable Vehicles
Tall Tree’s Covenants & Restrictions, Section 4.03, state that “unused automobiles or other vehicles without a current state registration shall not be stored or parked on any lot or roadside”.  The only exception is that any unregistered vehicle must not be visible from the street.  This exception is to accommodate off-road vehicles and those under construction or restoration.  Beginning on January 1, 2020, Tall Tree will impose fines for all vehicles not complying with this requirement.  The fine schedule is as follows: First notice – written notice; Second notice - $50/vehicle; Third notice - $100/vehicle; Fourth notice - $200/vehicle (this fine amount will be imposed each month thereafter).  This policy enforcement does not pertain to trailers.  The Franklin County Water District (FCWD) also prohibits inoperable vehicles on “lease back” property, Rules & Regulations, Section 5.10.

Restraining of Pets
Tall Tree policy states that all pets must be restrained, i.e. on a leash, when they are not confined to the property owner’s property.  This includes the pets of visitors.  The recent problem of vicious stray dogs in the area has been greatly abated because of the diligent efforts of county animal control personnel.  However, unless you have control of your pet when it is off your property, there is a real chance that your pet can attack another unrestrained pet which is on another property or become involved with wild animals that populate the development.  This involvement can cause serious injury to your pet and/or the pets of others.  You may be held financially responsible for damages done to other animals if you don’t comply with this policy.

Rental of the Clubhouse
The Tall Tree clubhouse is available for rental by property owners.  This beautiful building will accommodate up to 90 people and is ideal for family reunions, weddings, showers, birthday parties or any other get-together.  Contact the Tall Tree office for cost and availability.  It is rented on a first come, first served basis.

Contractor Gate Code and Dumpster Schedule
The contractor gate code for the first 6 months of 2020 is #XXXX.
The dumpster will be available for household trash and discards on the below listed dates.  Tires, batteries, air conditioners, liquids, etc. and contractor excess construction materials are not permitted.  When the dumpster is full, the gate will be locked.  The gate will be reopened if additional space can be made. If the gate is locked, do not leave additional material anywhere.

                Feb. 27; Apr 9; May 21; July 2; Sep 3; Nov. 25; and Dec. 24

Staying in “Touch” with Tall Tree
We strongly encourage you to visit Tall Tree’s website: www.talltreepoa.com and Facebook: TallTreepoa for updates affecting the Tall Tree community. The website contains a wealth of information regarding the rules, regulations and fees associated with the development and we encourage you to be familiar with them.
Board meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree clubhouse.  These meetings are open to all property owners and we encourage you to attend.

                                   Tall Tree Property Owners Association
                                                60 Cypress Creek Drive
                                                Mt. Vernon, TX  75457

                                                Newsletter, July 2020


Board of Directors
Bill Miller, President                                     (903)860-3111                   (214)202-6175
Mark Jackson, Vice President                         (903)860-7131                   (817)266-8096
Jim Hancock, Treasurer                                                                        (214)263-2079
Mike Morgan, Secretary                                                                        (817)832-1976
Chris Glenz, ACC                                                                                 (903)767-1172
John Bothwell, ACC                                                                             (925)577-0382


Road Improvements
Tall Tree completed $228,000 in ditching and paving early this year. This was paid 86% from road the assessments and 14% from the maintenance fees. The work was done as follows:

Ditching:  Over a mile of ditching adjacent to roadways was performed in both the South and North to improve water control.  Proper ditching and property access culvert placement are
very important to prevent standing water from undermining the roadway.
North:  San Saba beginning about 800 feet west of Cimarron (where the paving done in 2006 stopped) was paved past Angelina to San Saba Court.  This paving was funded by the regular Tall Tree budget and from a property owner contribution.
South:  The paving in the South was done in many segments.  Segments Included were:  the section of Whispering Pine Trail North from the end of the paving done in 2016 around to a portion of Spring Creek; the section of Whispering Pine Trail South from Live Oak to the turn; the entire length of Fox Trail; the roadway beginning at the intersection of Cypress Creek at Coons Crossing extending to Deer Trail, Cypress Creek and Cypress Circle; a section of Whippoorwill between Trappers Trail and Dogwood; and a short section of Dogwood between Whippoorwill and Bob White.  The South paving was funded by the road assessment.

Pool Repair
The pool at Quail run in Tall Tree has suffered a critical structural failure. In 2019 we spent $8000 on replacing parts, filters and pumps in the pool house. The total cost of repairing the failing structure of the pool itself is going to be near $44,000 for 2020. The repair will take approximately 30 days. The alternative cost of replacing the pool is estimated greater than $100,000 and closure for an unknown amount of time. We hope to have the pool back in service by July 4th, 2020 weekend.
Tennis courts
The board has been looking to repair the tennis courts for several years. The bids to repair them is currently $23,000. It has been decided that the POA will make them multi-purpose courts by adding Basketball to one and Pickleball to the other. The new features do not greatly affect the bid considering we are resurfacing and repainting the entire area already. 

Gate Opening During Power Outages
A battery powered system has been installed on the Main Entry Gate (at the office) for a cost of $2110.88. The board deemed the cost was acceptable for the added safety of Tall Tree residents during severe weather. It will automatically open the gate when there is a power outage allowing emergency vehicles quick access to help residents.  This system will only open the entry gate.  You must enter and exit via the entry gate.  When power is reinstated, the gate will close, and normal operation will resume.  During power outages, the North and South gates will not be operable.

Information Signs at Gates
The information signs at all three gates have been relocated so that they can be read while the gate is opening.  It is very important to check these signs for important information regarding rules and activities in Tall Tree.  A new sign has been added informing property owners and visitors that their dogs must be on a leash when off the property of the resident or host.  This will ensure the safety of other people, pets and wildlife.

New Maintenance Fees
Due to a long period with no increases in fees Tall Tree is now facing the hard truth that we cannot replace some of the items we have. The maintenance fees have covered the regular maintenance but when they are no longer functioning. We have used savings funds, and the sale of some old items for the last 3 years to accomplish replacing equipment needed to continue maintenance on the property. The board has a combined list of just over $100,000 that would be required to bring all of Tall Tree’s amenities back to new condition. (This price does not include the current pool failure listed above) Over the next few years we would like to accomplish this goal. The board will continue to raise fees annually until the annual cost of operation is met by the maintenance fees. This year the maintenance fees will be raised $2 per month (billed bi-annually).

Contractor Gate Code
The contractor gate code for the last 6 months of 2020 will remain #XXXX due to Covid-19 construction delays.

Dumpster Schedule
Tires, batteries, air conditioners, liquids, etc. and contractor excess construction materials are not permitted.  When the dumpster is full, the gate will be locked.  The gate will be reopened if additional space can be made. Do not leave material anywhere if the gate is locked.
The remaining dates for 2020 are July 2, Sep 3, Nov. 25, and Dec. 24