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SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

Tall Tree Board of Directors met in Regular Session, September 11, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree Clubhouse located at 60 Cypress Creek Dr.

Call to Order:  Vice President Michael Morgan called the Tall Tree Board of Directors meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 

At the direction of Vice President Michael Morgan, a Moment of Silence was observed for Julie Boyd’s memory and the 17th Remembrance of the 9/11 Tragedy with the American Flag displayed.

Introduction of Guests:  Bill Miller, Chris Glenz, Pat Ryan, and Lynne Fuentes.

Roll Call of Officers: Board Member Sandy Stephens called roll: Ed Claypool, President (by phone); Ed Loutherback, Tim Doell, Ridley Briggs, and Michael Morgan. Julie Boyd is recently departed.  Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present. 

Property Owner Open Forum:  Chris Glenz remarked that the Sunday before the dumpster was here, but that it was full, and the gate was locked.  The Board has asked Don Swain to lock the gate when the dumpster was full to keep Property Owners from depositing junk and rubbish around the dumpster.  When Chris Glenz was there, a line of 6 cars had formed and people wanted to place items outside the fence.  Don was keeping them from doing that.  Sandy Stephens asked about the signage, and the Board discussed changing the wording of the sign. Ed Loutherback offered to work on a sign to attach to the gate when the dumpster is full.
Approval of July Minutes:   Michael Morgan asked the Board for objections or comments to anything in the August 2018 Minutes.
Motion to approve by Ed Loutherback and seconded by Tim Doell.  Unanimously approved.

Officer Reports:  Treasurer Report:  Ridley Briggs  

  • July Bank Balance was $105,059.31 plus income of $14,529.86 in August less expenses of $17,099.15 and one outstanding check of $69.23 brought the August 31st Statement Balance to $102,420.79.  The Cash Flow was -$2,638.52 for the month of August. Total all accounts (C.D.’s; Savings; Checking) $258,625.53.  Ridley reported that 2018 Income was 119.67% of Projected Budget, and Expenses currently 90.64% of Projected Budget.
  • There is still a deficit of $35,878.70 owed to the North Roads Paving Fund. This was taken from the Standard Operating Budget to take advantage of price breaks when doing paving in the South and Entrances.

Committee & Other Reports:  

Architectural Control Committee:  Michael Morgan commented that a total of $1,028.31 was collected in August and the YTD Total is $13,964.46. The biggest problem noted at this time is Yard Contractors working on Sunday’s. 

Maintenance:  Anthony Nelson updated the Board on the status of the two Property Foreclosures submitted to Tall Tree Attorney B. F. Hicks.  Similarly, in Mr. Hicks office is the Property Transfer of the Retaining Wall on Winding Lane that is being held up by the Surveyors Report and Re-Plat Map. 


Anthony explained to the Board that as of September 30th, he would be transferring $83,000.00 from the Operating Account to the South Road Assessment Savings Account.  That will be the 2018 Annual Income from the South Road Assessment.
The Pool is closed for the year, everyone is glad for that. The Sign Posts were painted Black by mistake, and Thomas had to pressure wash the paint off as much as possible. Ed Loutherback asked that he be in the loop choosing colors and paints in the future. 
Anthony informed the Board that the Maintenance Department would soon be using colder temperatures to do End of Year Maintenance of Equipment and Vehicles. Thomas will be beginning his Vacation.
The Collection Company we were using was closed; and we plan to re-sign with another Agency after the first of the year.

Roundtable Discussion:
Signs:  Ed Loutherback reported that he and Michael Morgan had reviewed all signs and marked a map designating which ones need to be removed, those that can be removed when no longer readable, signs that need to be replaced, and those that are easily readable and in a needed position. Most of the signs left in the North are homemade by Dale Kenas at least 10 years ago, and have served their purpose.
Ed also notified the Board that he has a Resident volunteer to repaint the Fire Hydrants if Tall Tree provides the supplies.  Since the Fire Hydrants are owned by the Cypress Springs Special Utility District, they need to designate colors for each hydrant; and it seems like a good idea to notice the Fire Department also to test each hydrant to verify they work.
Ed Loutherback was recently asked if the Board had considered an Alternative Exit in the North in case of Fire.  The North only has one entrance/exit from/to the South area, and if we have a fire, and that exit is blocked, there is concern as to how Property Owners would get out.  The Board has considered this problem in the past, but no action was taken.  Discussion included consideration of another entrance/exit gate for the North, or an Exit Only Gate.  No decision was made, but the Board agreed that an Exit in case of Fire was needed. 

Annual Meeting Agenda:  Ed Claypool needs input from all Board Members as to Agenda items.  One thing he would like to present would be a list of Accomplishments done in 2018.

Vice President Michael Morgan ended the Meeting by thanking Sandy Stephens and Ridley Briggs for their service to the Tall Tree Community and their valuable input and work. 
Michael Morgan reminded the Board of the date for the Annual Meeting, October 20th.  Some discussion as to whether the Board would meet in a regular meeting in October before the Annual Meeting.
Tim Doell motioned that the Board not meet again until the Annual Meeting on October 20th and Sandy Stephens seconded the motion.  Five Board Members agreed, and One voted No. Passed.


Motion to adjourn by Ed Loutherback at 6:45 p.m.  Tim Doell seconded the motion.

Submitted by:  Donna Gunn
Office Assistant