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                                                                                             TALL TREE POA BOARD MEETING
NOVEMBER 13, 2018

Tall Tree Board of Directors met in Regular Session, November 13, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree Clubhouse located at 60 Cypress Creek Dr.

Call to Order: President Bill Miller called the Tall Tree Board of Directors meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 

Introduction of Guests:  Richard Hamrick

Roll Call of Officers: Board Secretary Chris Glenz called roll: Bill Miller, President; Vice President Ed Loutherback, Board Member Tim Doell, and ACC Chairman Michael Morgan, Treasurer Mark Jackson, and Roads Chairman Ed Claypool. Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present. 

Property Owner Open Forum:  No comments or questions

Approval of September Minutes:   Chris Glenz asked the Board for objections or comments to anything in the September 2018 Minutes.
Motion to approve by Ed Loutherback and seconded by Michael Morgan.  Unanimously approved.
Approval of the Executive Meeting after the Tall Tree P.O.A. Annual Meeting in October to elect Officers:  Chris Glenz asked the Board for objections or comments.  None given.
Motion to approve by Ed Loutherback and seconded by Michael Morgan.  Unanimously approved.

Board President Bill Miller began with suggestions/comments as to how the Board would operate this year.  He prefers to use Roberts Rules of Order as an example to have an efficient meeting.
Motion to use Roberts Rules of Order as a guideline for Tall Tree Board Meetings by Mark Jackson, and seconded by Ed Loutherback. Unanimously approved.

President Bill Miller asked if the Board would want to authorize the use Proxy Votes for the Tall Tree Board Members.  If you are not able to attend a meeting, do you wish to give your Proxy to someone?  The Proxy can be given for any or all of the decisions voted on in that meeting. The Proxy should be sent to Property Manager Anthony Nelson by e-mail, and Anthony will give the Proxy to Secretary Chris Glenz.
Tim Doell motioned to accept Proxies in Tall Tree Board Meetings, that can be used for any or all expected decisions in that meeting.  Ed Loutherback seconded that motion.  Unanimously approved.

President Bill Miller asked the Board about using Conference Telephone Calls, as the Rules require that all Board Members be able to hear and debate.  Discussion included comments by Ed Claypool who did use the telephone frequently, who said sometimes the discussion became garbled if more than one person was speaking. But otherwise, it worked well for him.  Tim Doell
suggested a program for the computer such as Go to Meeting, hooked into a speaker system should work quite well.  Audio Visual would not be required, but a program that provides clear and easy communication should be an inexpensive add to the meetings
Ed Claypool motioned that Telephone Conferencing be allowed for Board Meetings, but Visual communication would not be required. Ed Loutherback seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.


Another suggestion by President Bill Miller is that the Board agree that all comments should be recognized by the Chair by a raised hand, and Secretary Chris Glenz will write their name down in the order they raise their hand with a question or comment, but questions and comments be held until the end of the Officer Reports, and no interruptions during the report.

Recommendations for presentations to be submitted to the Board during the meeting should be presented to Property Manager Anthony Nelson at least a week ahead of the meeting, so that a slide may be prepared and added to the Agenda.  This should include a paper copy for the Board to review and discuss during the meeting.

Any project presented to Anthony Nelson, should and must be approved by the Board first. 

Officer Reports:  Treasurer Report:  Mark Jackson  

  • September Bank Balance was $95,211.70 plus income of $7,108.21 in October less expenses of $20,724.46 and one outstanding check of $724.52 brought the October 31st Statement Balance to $80,870.93.  The Cash Flow was -14,340.77 for the month of October. Total all accounts (C.D.’s; Savings; Checking) $238,333.68.  Mark Jackson reported that 2018 Income was 132.29% of Projected Budget, and Expenses currently 104.53% of Projected Budget (due to North Road Improvements that will be paid back by North Roads Income).
  • There is still a deficit of $35,693.70 owed to the North Roads Paving Fund. This was taken from the Standard Operating Budget to take advantage of price breaks when doing paving in the South and Entrances.
  • Treasurer Mark Jackson suggested the Board consider adopting the 2018 year’s Budget at least temporarily because of the fee change causing uncertainty of additional collections for 2019.  Moving cautiously is always a good thing and the 2019 Budget can be revised to add projects we want to do as we see the monies coming in.   

Ed Claypool asked about a line item on the Budget, Uncategorized Expense, and Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Treasurer Mark Jackson explained it was how much in Dues and Road Assessment Charges was waved in order to collect the majority of the existing debt. The P.O.A. is due the full amount, but a Property Owner signs a contract to keep the account up-to-date for 3 years in order to get some fees waved or a New Property Owner will purchase a past due account, and ask for consideration of a certain amount and pay part to begin with Tall Tree as a New Owner. This money is due Tall Tree, but at the end of the year, we can write this amount off as Bad Debt/Uncollected Debt. It has to be shown on the Budget.  President Bill Miller asked if the amount of Bad Debt could be foot noted at the bottom of the page, so it can be easily explained at the Annual Meeting.

Committee & Other Reports:  

Vice President Ed Loutherback commented that he and Roads Committee Chairman Ed Claypool had discussed equipment purchases and projects that we might be able to complete in 2019, but they both think it is too early to know what the availability of funds will be at the End of Year 2018.  November and December are still to be completed, and the estimate of another $29,000.00 in expenses to come in.  The Back Hoe is in the shop right now, and that is estimated to be $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 by itself.  The Road Work in the North that we want to do is going to require some additional equipment, and possibly Manpower.  The Board will need to decide if Tall Tree will be doing the work or hiring it done.  We have no specific recommendations right now because we are unsure about the 2019 Income at this time.  It is early to make those decisions.  We have Sandy Stephens outline and prioritized goals as a guide, such as Redoing the Bathhouse Floor.  This would need to be done in the warmer months before the pool opens.



Roads Chairman Ed Claypool has spoken to Paul Pogue of Area Wide Paving about the cracks that have opened up on the new roads in the North.  Paul came out and looked at the road and said he took a screw driver and pushed it down at least 10” into the soil, so the crack was caused by the movement of the soil underneath the road, not the asphalt itself. These cracks were quite substantial, and Paul agreed to come back and fill them with tar.  Ed Loutherback and Ed Claypool drove over there today, and the crack was completely closed, as the clay base underneath moves.  The repairs cannot be completed when it is raining nor when it is hot.
Tall Tree is still in their “every other year” paving schedule. At the end of 2019 surveys of needed repairs / paving will be taken, and preparation for sending a “Request for Quotes” will be sent in January to Contractors for bids, hoping to get bids back by February of 2020. We should have upwards of $200,000.00 in Roads Monies to spend, and Contractors will look favorably at competitive bidding on an amount of that size.  Also, the Surface Sealant that Maintenance applied to some roads made the roads look good, and will be very helpful in keeping water and ice from damaging the roads.  After the review today, we can see that ditching is badly needed in some places to keep water off the roads, as is culvert installation in a couple of places. Tim Doell
asked about different road surfaces/treatments other than paving on roads less traveled, that would be less expensive than paving, such as Chemical Road Stabilization or Geo-Tech Fabrics.  Ed Claypool said that Geo-Tech in expensive, and Micro-surfacing are just not within our price point at this time. Ed Claypool has found that Chemical Road Stabilization is as expensive and Concrete Stabilization considering the depth needed between the two treatments.

Architectural Control Committee:  Michael Morgan commented that a total of $2,879.25 was collected in October and the YTD Total is $17,623.11. Secretary Chris Glenz will be helping the Architectural Control Committee in the future, and that should make for faster turn-a-round on Permits.

Board Member Tim Doell re: Insurance and Procedures:  We are about 60 days out from beginning the search for One Agent who can handle all Tall Tree’s Insurance Needs, and we will begin our search closer to our renewal date.
Tasked with updating Procedures, Tim Doell is finding that even the Directors Manual he has is outdated, and every document needs review. Tall Tree needs a Revisions Process that has one point of access. And Tim recommends that something like the Directors Manual be replaced with Online Access so everyone sees the same thing.  Proxies and Teleconferencing rules need to be written up and placed in the By-Laws, and he will do that and present his efforts to the Board for vote.  He believes a Document Directory will be helpful for the Board also.  Tim also mentioned that anytime a vote is required and shown in the Minutes as an “Action Item”, that currently there has been no way to track them to completion.  His recommendation is that these items are carried forward someway to make sure they are completed. Michael Morgan also mentioned that he had placed these items on a “parking lot” in order to follow them to completion.

Maintenance:  Anthony Nelson updated the Board on the status of the Retaining Wall Property that Mr. Ray is purchasing.  This is still in the hands of the Attorneys, and the hold may be FCWD.  Until the FCWD has completely approved the transaction, B.F. Hicks is not finishing the paperwork for the sale.  Heaters for the Bath House pool are proving to be difficult to find what we need, as we want circulating heaters with a thermostat. These are Available at Lowes for $129.99 each.  Tim Doell asked about winterizing the Pool Houses, rather than heating it.  The Pumps have ruined 8 “freeze guards” (something about the power hookup down there). We have two pumps and they are not connected, two pumps, two filters, and no thermostat. One circulated on one end of the pool, and the other covers the other end.




Power Jack will be here to measure the Club House settling on the 28th or 29th.  The Office Porch has fallen because of wood rot.  The wood used in building the Office was not treated wood.
He has found two companies that are H.O.A. specific, Anthony is still searching for a Collection company that can handle Liens, Judgements, and Repossessions in Texas.
Roundtable Discussion:  No response
Motion to adjourn by Ed Claypool 7 p.m.  Mark Jackson seconded the motion.

The Board entered into a Executive Meeting.

Submitted by:  Donna Gunn
Office Assistant