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                                                                                                TALL TREE POA BOARD MEETING
May 8, 2018

Tall Tree Board of Directors met in Regular Session, May 8, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree Clubhouse located at 60 Cypress Creek Dr.

Call to Order:  Board Member Ed Loutherback called the Tall Tree Board of Directors meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 

Introduction of Guests:  Bill Miller, Chris Glenz, Richard Hamrick, Jim & Marie Flanders, Virginia Maddox, Jesus Romo, & Mark Jackson.

Roll Call of Officers: Board Members: Ed Claypool, President (by phone); Sandy Stephens, Ed Loutherback, Tim Doell and Ridley Briggs. Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present.

Property Owner Open Forum:  Property owner Virginia Maddox spoke concerning the current Fireworks provision in our Policy Manual.  July 4th is coming soon, and Fireworks are set off at any time of the night and sometimes all night., the sound is a nuisance and constitutes a fire danger to all of Tall Tree. It was agreed that mention would be made in the upcoming Newsletter, and again at the Annual Board Meeting in October.

Approval of April Minutes:   Ed Loutherback asked the Board for objections or comments to anything in the April 2018 Minutes.
Motion to approve by Tim Doell and seconded by Sandy Stephens.  Unanimously approved.

Officer Reports:  Treasurer Report:  Ridley Briggs  

  • April Cash Flow report was presented to the Board.  Beginning Balance Operating account end of March was $79,794.19, Income for April was $168,145.42 (including transfers from Designated Savings Accounts) and Expenses were $225,529.76. Savings Accounts (including C.D.’s) are approximately $182,520.89, which includes South Road Assessment, General Roads, Retaining Wall, Special Projects, and North Road Assessment.  The Month of April had a Cash Flow of $-61,547.13.  

Committee & Other Reports:  

Maintenance:  Anthony Nelson presented an update to the Board about funds collected by our Collection Co. In one month, they collected $16,525.00. They have been working with the small amount of accounts listed with them, but Anthony plans to add another 200 accounts by July.
Thomas will be needing more materials before the end of the summer.  He is currently interviewing for a Summer Hire to help with mowing, but the gear box is broken on the shredder, and parts should be in this week or early next week.  He asked the Board about purchasing a Good Condition Used Shredder (5’) which is smaller than they have now and would give them a back-up when one is down. The Cost is expected to be around $500.00 for a used shredder.

Sandy Stephens asked Anthony about the status of the Trailer Storage List, and how many unidentified trailers are still parked there?  He did not have the list before him, but we have a verified list of all trailers stored and have marked those who are currently paying storage fees.  The Newsletter will again include a statement about the Trailer Storage, and the Annual Meeting will also include information about these unidentified trailers. 




Fee Structure Committee:  Mark Jackson commented regarding the final Report/Presentation to the Board regarding the Fee Structure Basis that would represent: Fairness/Sustainable by Staff/ Practical/ Flexible Understandable/Easily explained/not divisive/and adheres to Tall Tree P.O.A. rule. The Tall Tree Board now has the Tool to use and will be meeting soon to review the best way to raise the income needed to sustain and improve the Tall Tree Community.

The Tall Tree Board is thankful for the Fee Structure Committee headed by Mark Jackson who spent countless hours researching and compiling the information and supplied the Board with the tools they can use to fairly devise a much-needed increase in Maintenance Dues.  Special Thanks to Mark Jackson, Diane Williams, Bill Miller, Ed Loutherback, and Anthony Nelson.

Insurance Review:  Tim Doell reported that Tall Tree had re-signed with its existing Insurance Carrier. The search for a new carrier was not begun early enough to provide all the requested information to the Specialized Insurance Carriers who work with Home Owner Associations.  He did recommend that the search for a new Carrier begin at least 6 months before year end renewal.

Financial Control Committee:  Richard Hamrick and Jennifer Morgan have met with Office Staff several times reviewing and discussing current Office Procedures and will soon be ready to present their comments and suggestions to the Tall Tree Board. 

Round Table:   Property Owner, Bill Miller asked about the Ladies Club entertaining the Holy Highway Girls to a day at the Lake and Pool.  Last year really got out of hand with Family Members and Friends joining in.  Ed Loutherback said he would contact the Ladies Club President and ask that the invitation be for the Girls and the Staff only.

Ed Loutherback requested topics for the Newsletter to go out in June, and it was suggested that the Board consider a “work weekend” for the Tall Tree Community be one of the topics.  Other topics suggested were roadwork, fireworks, long range plans, and trailer storage.

Motion to adjourn by Ridley Briggs at 6:50 p.m.

Submitted by:  Donna Gunn
Office Assistant