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                                                    TALL TREE POA BOARD MEETING
JULY 10, 2018

Tall Tree Board of Directors met in Regular Session, July 10, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree Clubhouse located at 60 Cypress Creek Dr.

Call to Order:  Board Member Ed Loutherback called the Tall Tree Board of Directors meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 

Introduction of Guests:  Bill Miller, Chris Glenz, Don Swain, Lynn Fuentes.

Roll Call of Officers: Board Member Ed Loutherback called roll: Ed Claypool, President (by phone); Sandy Stephens (by Phone), Ed Loutherback, Tim Doell, and Ridley Briggs. Julie Boyd and Michael Morgan were absent. Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present.

Property Owner Open Forum:  Ridley Briggs asked exactly what Thomas was doing to the roads on Fawns Crossing.  Anthony explained that he was resealing the road (cracks) to maintain the good road.  We used to hire this done, but now have the equipment for our Maintenance Men to do the job at a very big saving to the P.O.A. He explained it was recently done to Coon’s Crossing also.

A Burn Ban has been called for Franklin County.

Approval of June Minutes:   Ed Loutherback asked the Board for objections or comments to anything in the June 2018 Minutes.
Motion to approve by Tim Doell and seconded by Ridley Briggs.  Unanimously approved.

Officer Reports:  Treasurer Report:  Ridley Briggs  

  • June Cash Flow report was presented to the Board.  Beginning Balance Operating account end of May was $25,484.97, Income for June was $71,679.01 and Expenses were $23,619.40. Savings Accounts (including C.D.’s) are approximately $190,330.25, which includes South Road Assessment, General Roads, Retaining Wall, Special Projects, and North Road Assessment.  The Month of June had a Cash Flow of $70,748.62.  

Committee & Other Reports:  
Maintenance:  Anthony Nelson reported that the Collection Company Buyout was now completed, and he just got a contact number to discuss future Collection Efforts with the new company. 
The Retaining Wall purchase was now being reviewed by Attorneys and awaiting Signatures for completion.
Repossession actions are currently with B. F. Hicks, and Public Notices will be posted over a 90 Day Period required by Law. 
The Meadow section is currently under contract with shredding and bailing to be done as possible.  This will save time and fuel for our Maintenance Team.
Anthony presented a list of H.O.A.’s around the Lake and their Fee Structures to the Board. All of them were higher than Tall Tree’s and most did not have the amenities Tall Tree has available for Property Owners.
Financial Controls Committee:  Ed Loutherback reported that because of Richard Hamrick’s accident the final report will be presented at the August board meeting.
Architectural Control Committee:  Ed Loutherback relayed Mike Morgan’s report that no major permits were issued since the last board meeting.
Board Approvals:  Ed Loutherback presented a Fee Schedule Summary showing the current fee structure for the South; 1st Recommendation of raise; 2nd Recommendation of raise; Same for the North; and for the East.  This research and decision making has been a year in the making, knowing prices are rising in every area of Maintenance, and Salaries; with the Board’s desire to not become burdensome on Tall Tree Property Owners being foremost but also with an awareness of the critical need to maintain in good order the amenities we have. Sandy Stephens also stated that the primary Board Responsibility is to take care of what we have.  Insurance Costs alone have gone up 30%. Ed Claypool suggested the Board put in a simplified, easily explainable form to present in Mailouts and to present at the Annual Meeting in October. Projected raise in fees will increase yearly income by approximately $12,000.00.

Motion made by Ed Claypool to go forward with the 1st Recommendation and write it up for review by the Board for it to get mailed with the notice of the Annual Meeting and resumes of Property Owners running for the 2019 Board.  Ed Loutherback seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved with Michael Morgan and Julie Boyd absent.

Policy Updates Tim Doell explained the changes needed to the Clubhouse Rules due to Insurance Requirements: 1.)  Non-Residents and civic groups may reserve the Clubhouse on a space available basis only through the approval of the TTPOA Board of Directors.  Usage fee will be determined by the Board.  This will be deleted.  2.) Outside users (non-residents, Clubs, Civic or Church Groups, etc. shall require a fee to be determined by the Board. This will be deleted.  3.) Kitchen facilities are intended to be for warming and serving of food.  No cooking, frying or baking is allowed.  If a barbeque grill, fryer or similar is to be used on site, it must be located away from all structures on the grass or parking lot. This will be added.
And the TTPOA “Fireworks” Policy is changed to read:  Fireworks:  The discharge of fireworks should always be under adult supervision and care should be exercised to prevent fires. During County “burn bans”, the county-wide sale and discharge of fireworks are prohibited.  According to the Franklin County Water District (FCWD), the use of fireworks around the lake is limited to the holidays listed on their website (fcwd.com). When one of these holidays falls on a weekday, the use period may be extended to encompass additional days.  Generally, the FCWD would like the use to stop at 10:00 p.m.  Tall Tree embraces the FCWD policy but is unable to enforce it.  However, if Tall Tree is provided the date, time, and name or address of the Property Owner who uses fireworks outside of the FCWD policy, they will be contacted and asked to refrain from doing so in the future.  If an immediate response to a violation of this policy is desired, contact the Sheriff or the Lake Patrol.

Tim Doell motioned that these changes to the Clubhouse Rules and the Fireworks policy be added to the Tall Tree Policy Manual and posted to the Tall Tree Website.  Ridley Briggs seconded the motion. Unanimously Approved.

New Business Ed Loutherback had been asked by Tim Doell about Property Disposal Procedure for Repossession Properties.  Tim Doell will write up a procedure for Board Review.  Property Manager Anthony Nelson suggested using a local Realtor with them bidding their rate, making sure Fair Market Value is received, to insure Tall Tree does not lose its current tax status.

Round Table:   Ed Loutherback asked for any discussion.  Ridley Briggs mentioned that the Flags were put out on time, Thanks to Charles McAfee, Richard Hamrick and Ridley Briggs.  The flags were taken down by Charles McAfee. 

Property Manager Anthony Nelson thanked Bill and Nancy for their Donation of a Laptop Computer for use in the Board Meetings.

Motion to adjourn by Ridley Briggs at 6:50 p.m.     Submitted by:  Donna Gunn
Office Assistant