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                                           TALL TREE POA BOARD MEETING
JANUARY 08, 2019

Tall Tree Board of Directors met in Regular Session, January 08, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree Clubhouse located at 60 Cypress Creek Dr.

Call to Order:  President Bill Miller called the Tall Tree Board of Directors meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 

Introduction of Guests:  Jim & Cathy Hancock, Don and Tana Swain, Blake Hunter

Roll Call of Officers: At Board Secretary Chris Glenz absence, Bill Miller called roll: Bill Miller, President, Vice President Ed Loutherback (present), Board Member Tim Doell (phone), and ACC Chairman Michael Morgan, Treasurer Mark Jackson, and Roads Chairman Ed Claypool. Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present.  Proxy votes of Chris Glenz and Tim Doell were given to President Bill Miller.

Property Owner Open Forum:  Don Swain took the opportunity to thank the Board for the update to his golf cart as a gift for serving as Pool Monitor and making sure the gate was closed to the dumpster after hours, and whenever it was too full. He served voluntarily in a normally paid position.

Approval of November Minutes:    President Bill Miller asked the Board for objections or comments to anything in the December 2018 Minutes.
Motion to approve by Ed Loutherback and seconded by Michael Morgan.  Unanimously approved.

Committee & Other Reports:  

Officer Reports: 
Treasurer Report:  Mark Jackson reported:

  • November Bank Balance was $70,376.98 plus income of $4,249.42 in December less expenses of $18,741.50 and outstanding checks of $2,618.43 brought the December 31st Statement Balance to $53,266.47.  The Cash Flow was -17,110.51 for the month of December. Total all accounts (C.D.’s; Savings; Checking) $210,450.16.   
  • There is still a deficit of $35,558.70 owed to the North Roads Paving Fund. This was taken from the Standard Operating Budget to take advantage of price breaks when doing paving in the South and Entrances.
  • Mark and Anthony worked closely together to have a working budget for the first 3 months of 2019 due to the fee changes causing some uncertainty. Bill Miller added that another Budget planning session for the Board will be done in March giving the Board a better view of Income expectation for 2019.  At that time a Budget for the whole year will be planned.

Vice President Ed Loutherback explained to the Board he had applied stain to the Speed Limit Sign at the Red Oak Gate, with the idea of applying Sealer if it would improve the looks of the post.  If it is not an improvement, then he suggests painting the signs with Brown paint. He asked the Board to notice the sign and see what they think. He also plans to begin to drive around at night to make sure all Street Lights are lit (since our Maintenance Men are not here at night). He will make note of those that do not work, and get the list to Anthony to report to SWEPCO. It does get very dark out here at night.


Roads Committee Chairman Ed Claypool displayed a review of what was spent for Road Repair in 2018 and what and where it was spent on.  He explained why more money was spent than originally anticipated, as the Roads in the North have no base to build on.  So, it would not make sense to spend money to pave without repairing the base.  By adding a lot of material to San Saba and Angelina in the North the costs added up.  We also Cement Stabilized the roads to give a good base to build on, which caused us to go over the anticipated budget. We went over the approved budget by approximately $35,000.00.  But we did it correctly and the roads will be there a long time because they were done properly.  Most likely road work to be done in the future will require Tall Tree P.O.A. to do less square footage at a time, because of the need to stabilize the roads before paving. We currently have some ditching work to be done as some roads have water running over them, one place is on Whispering Pines and another on Medina.

Architectural Control Committee:  Michael Morgan reported that Permit Fees were very slow in the month of December, most likely due to Holidays and Weather changes. Two Permits were approved and issued for a total of $71.00.

Insurance and Procedures:  Tim Doell was attending the meeting by phone call in, so President Bill Miller explained to the attendees that Tim was in the process of reviewing all Policies and Procedures with the goal of having these items easily accessible on the Tall Tree Website in one place.

Property Manager Anthony Nelson: Tall Tree had two Property Foreclosures in process and now we have one. The Windy Point property has been paid in full, and removed from our Attorney’s office. The other one is still in process, but the Constable has not been able to serve the papers yet. After trying twice to find the owner at home, it now seems we will be posting it publicly which will add another several months until we can Foreclose. 

As to the Retaining Wall plat, we will be meeting with B. F. Hicks and the Surveyor again this week, and we will end up re-surveying all three lots involved.

Collection Services, He has faxed all the paperwork to them, and they are reviewing the final names as some of the names listed have begun to make payments. So, there is no reason to pay the Collection Agency when the Property Owner is already paying.

Peoples Telephone – In the upgrade that we are looking to do so we can do Video Conferencing for those Board Members who are unable to attend the Board Meeting, or Current Internet is not capable, the speed tests that I performed on our Internet shows we have a .8 mb upload speed and a 1.6 mb download speed.  After calling Peoples Telephone to complain, they informed me that we only have a 2 mb. Package that was set up years ago.  Since the Office has never had a long-distance line, the upgrade will include unlimited long distance from our Primary Phone line, and I feel we will save enough money to pay for our expanded VoIP Service.  Peoples Telephone waived the $79.00 set up fee because of the changes we are making.  

Anthony also explained to the Board about a call he received regarding a Property Owner wanting to sign her lot back over to the P.O.A.  He plans to e-mail the request to the Board for review at next months meeting.  The Property Owner is a Widow and no longer wants to pay dues for the property.  They are current, and the taxes are current. The Property is at the corner of Weeping Willow and Fawns Crossing, and would serve no purpose at all to the P.O.A.  Bill Miller mentioned that Anthony had also spoken to the Property Owner who owns the lot next to hers, and seemed interested in acquiring her lot.



President Bill Miller asked for a motion to approve the Tall Tree Preliminary Budget for 2019 as planned and proposed by the Treasurer and Board.
Mike Morgan motioned to approve the Preliminary Budget for 2019 and Mark Jackson seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.

Mike Morgan asked about the Cypress SUD review of our Fireplugs. Anthony Nelson said that Wayne Ruyle had met with them, and the Cypress SUD had evacuation tested all valves, and they all worked as expected. They all function as Fill Points, they will fill a tank.  The plugs that do not work, have a stantion next to them, and it will work as expected.

Ed Claypool made the comment that he recently had to call the Fire Dept. out to put out a dumpster fire across from his house. Lake Authority was there in 12 minutes, first Fire Truck 18 minutes, and another Fire Truck came in 22 minutes.  They used water and foam to extinguish the fire.  Unattended and overfull Dumpsters can be a problem when filled with trash and leaves.

 Motion to adjourn by Mike Morgan 6:15 p.m.  Ed Loutherback seconded the motion.

Submitted by:  Donna Gunn
Office Assistant