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                                                       TALL TREE POA BOARD MEETING
FEBRUARY 12, 2019

Tall Tree Board of Directors met in Regular Session, February 12, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree Clubhouse located at 60 Cypress Creek Dr.

Call to Order:  Vice President Ed Loutherback called the Tall Tree Board of Directors meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 

Introduction of Guests:  Jim and Marie Flanders

Roll Call of Officers:  Secretary Chris Glenz called roll:  Vice President Ed Loutherback (present), Board Member Tim Doell, and ACC Chairman Michael Morgan, Treasurer Mark Jackson, and Roads Chairman Ed Claypool all present, President Bill Miller (absent). Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present. 

Property Owner Open Forum:  No Response

Approval of January Minutes:    Vice President Ed Loutherback asked the Board for objections or comments to anything in the January 2019 Minutes.
Motion to approve by Michael Morgan and seconded by Mark Jackson.  Unanimously approved.

Committee & Other Reports:  

Officer Reports: 
Treasurer Report:  Mark Jackson reported:

  • December Bank Balance was $55,884.90 plus income of $96,484.36 in January less expenses of $102,128.72 and outstanding checks of $389.23 plus Uncleared Deposits and Credits of $2,664.25 brought the January 31st Statement Balance to $52,515.56.  The Cash Flow was $76,755.16 for the month of January. Total all accounts (C.D.’s; Savings; Checking) $287,705.18. Expenses for January also included a Transfer of $80,000.00 to South Road Assessment Savings Account.  
  • After addition of additional invoices for materials/road widening/and labor from other Contractors, the Repair Balance for the Year 2018 North Roads was $82,725.00. North Roads Savings for 2018 ($25,616.00) deducted, and North Roads income to date 2019 ($12,679.27) brought the total remaining deficit $44,429.73.

Mark Jackson was especially interested in Maintenance Fee Income for the first Month of the year because of the changes in Fee Structure. He compared 2017 and 2018 with the current year 2019, and found similarities between the three years. The Board will be watching carefully the first three months in order to set a Budget from those projections.

Architectural Committee Chairman Mike Morgan reported January came in at $919.00 for Permit Fees. He is currently working on another one.

Roads Committee Chairman Ed Claypool noted that Area Wide Paving had been in to fill cracks that had appeared from settling.  On San Saba, which had larger cracks, they filled it in one day and then came back the next day to make sure they were filled to the top after settling overnight. Maintenance has also been crack filling when weather allows, i.e. Winding Lane, Trappers Trail, and on Cypress Creek.



 Maintenance is now beginning to do Ditch Work that will allow water to drain into culverts and stay off Tall Tree Roads. They did an excellent job on Sycamore which they just finished. 

Ed Claypool has also noticed other areas that need ditching badly to keep the water off the road, notably Cypress Creek drive across from the Office/Clubhouse.  Additional work needs to be done on Trappers Trail, Medina, and Highpoint to make sure water does not stand or run over our roads.

Insurance and Procedures:  Tim Doell told the Board that Anthony was checking with State Farm, and he had been researching companies, i.e. Hartford, Prudential, etc., Firms that have Groups that specifically handle P.O.A.’s/H.O.A.’s. Anthony has contacted all three Insurance (including State Farm) Offices in Winnsboro, and they handle Corporate Insurance. Anthony submitted forms for Bids to three Companies, even though one of them uses the same Underwriter that our current Company uses. He included the Maintenance Office and raised the Maintenance Building to $350,000.00 Replacement Value.  State Farm is also writing us an Equipment Policy to cover Backhoe, Mowers, Tractor, etc. up to $150,000.00. Since our Existing Policy renews in April, it will be at least 2 months before we hear back from these Companies with Bids.

Vice President Ed Loutherback comment to the Board that after the Board Meeting in January, he had driven the Property checking for Street Lights.  Some were working, some were not.  The ones that were not working.  Anthony submitted 16 to SWEPCO that needed maintenance and there are still 5 that are not working. SWEPCO even called to ask the nearest address to the pole even though the pole #’s were reported. Some lights do not have an address near them. We have maybe 12 that Tall Tree pays for. Other Street Lights are on Private Property.

Property Manager Anthony Nelson: Tall Tree had two Property Foreclosures in process and now we have one. The Windy Point property has been paid in full, and removed from our Attorney’s office. The other one is still in process, but the Constable has not been able to serve the papers yet. Last weeks Newspaper Posting was the first of 4 required before Foreclosure can be completed.

As to the Retaining Wall plat, B. F. Hicks wrote a letter to FCWD, David Wideman, requesting them to accept 3 separate Replat Documents (beginning on the Northern Border), one for each Owner, so that we do not have to send a Replat Document for 3 separate Owners to each owner for approval and get them to agree on it.  We want to send them their lot (plat) for them to sign, and return to the P.O.A. for us to submit all three individual plats to the FCWD. We are waiting on an answer from Mr. Wideman. B. F. says he will pay the extra amount involved for submitting 3 separate plats instead on one. Tall Tree is paying for the Surveys and the replats.

Collection Services, In January we have collected almost $3,800.00 not including what our Office collected because of the Property Owners receiving a notice from Collections. The $3,800.00 included 3 Full Payments for past due accounts.

Property Owner Complaints:  A complaint received from an Owner in the South regarding the “Unkept, Unsanitary, and location violation of unused vehicles” in Tall Tree East Entrance across from the South Gate.  This complaint was forwarded immediately to the Board. The Property Owner specifically asked that it be on the February Board Meeting Agenda, but it has been placed in the Property Manager comments since the Board had discussed it in the previous two Board Meetings, and it is being dealt with. One of the cars will be junked, but the other two are licensed and awaiting money to purchase parts to fix them and will be drivable.



Anthony presented a Settlement Request for Lots N2-233 & 234 for $2,197.50 for $400.00 and begin paying Monthly beginning July 1st.   He is Medically Disabled, and unable to work.  He must stay current for at least 2 years or the Settlement will be reversed.
Mark Jackson motioned that the Settlement Request be accepted for $400.00 with the stipulation that payments are kept current for a minimum of two years.  Seconded by Ed Claypool.  Unanimously approved.

Another Request from a different Property Owner is to settle a Balance of $4,812.77 for $800.00 and then begin to pay his dues Monthly starting July 1st. (until he can sell the lots. None of his lots are adjoining) And this Property Owner has a buyer if he can get a settlement approved that will purchase all three lots from him. He is also delinquent on taxes. Mark asked about negotiating with his Owner for $1,200.00 which is 25% of amount owed.
Mark Jackson motioned to give Property Manager authorization to negotiate with the Property Owner for a Settlement of $1,200.00 instead of the $800.00 asked. Ed Claypool seconded the motion. Unanimously Approved.  Vice President Ed Loutherback asked Anthony to keep the Board informed as to the outcome, and it could be approved by e-mail until the next Board Meeting.

Anthony notified the Board of his order of Rap for Maintenance at a cost of $825.00 per load (4X18yd Loads). This amount is still under our First Quarter Budget is for Materials. They will continue ditch work as weather permits, but time is almost past for Crack Filling.

New Business:  Vice President Ed Loutherback has reviewed the Reduced Fee Proposal suggested by Ed Claypool, and said Past Proposals such as the one approved tonight reduced the amount owed by almost $1,800.00 falling under the Purchase Limits and Approvals requires a President and One Board Member to approve that amount or the Tall Tree Board. That has been the Guideline for writing amounts off. If the Second Settlement Request is to be approved, the write-off would be $3,600.00 which would require the entire Board’s approval. These Guidelines are twenty years old, but have been the way Settlement Offers are handled. Ed Loutherback comments that he does understand Ed Claypool’s suggestion is made in order to streamline the process, but it would leave Property Manager Anthony Nelson open to criticism or worse.  Anthony spoke up and said that when he was hired, he had been asked about being Bonded, which was something required of Previous Property Managers to protect against Lawsuits and/or claims.  Because the Board decided against Bonding him, he is not protected for actions such as accepting Settlement Requests. He is allowed refunds up to $100.00 but that is something that he would be able to recover from with his own funds. The Tall Tree Board has the Authority to waive fees and they are covered by Bonds in case of claim or lawsuit. They are Elected Officials. Mark Jackson likes the fact that at this time Anthony can negotiate on Both Parties behalf, and present options to the Board for their review and discussion. A suggestion (rather than a written) goal of 25% during the negotiation stage, and then present the Proposal to the Board for Review and Approval.  
After the discussion, Ed Claypool withdrew his suggestion giving Property Manager Anthony Nelson authority to approve Settlement proposals.

Round Table Discussion:  Ed Claypool spoke concerning the Pond in the North Section off of Llano, that is completely surrounded by Privately Owned Property. This Pond is between 1/3 and 1/2 acre, and does not have a trickle tube, no overflow, and when it fills completely up it runs over the dam.  Because there are paths around the pond, evidently people fish out of it regularly. There are even chairs sitting around it.  Our Maintenance Crew is looking for a place to dump dirt that comes out of the ditching they are currently doing.  If the pond were to be filled in, it could be a usable lot to be re-platted into two current lots making usable lots for building. Due to the fact the dam of this pond has large trees growing on the dam itself, Ed Claypool feels Tall


Tree might have some liability if the dam breaks even though we do not have access to it.  Currently the dam allows seepage when it reaches a certain level and it keeps one lot continually wet and so soggy that it is unusable. The seepage is concerning in and of itself, and if the dam fails it could cause further damage to individually owned property. No conclusion was reached as to how to deal with this as the Board feels it does not need immediate attention.
 Motion to adjourn by Ed Claypool 6:45 p.m.  Chris Glenz seconded the motion.

Submitted by:  Donna Gunn
Office Assistant