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                                           TALL TREE POA BOARD MEETING
                                                   February 13, 2018

Tall Tree Board of Directors met in Regular Session, February 13, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree Clubhouse located at 60 Cypress Creek Dr.

Call to Order:  President Ed Claypool called the Tall Tree Board of Directors meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 

Introduction of Guests:  Bill Miller, Jeanise Mulcahy, Chris Glenz, Mark Jackson

Roll Call of Officers: Board Members: Ed Claypool, President; Sandy Stephens, Ed Loutherback and Michael Morgan, Second Vice President/Architectural Control Committee Chairman. Julie Boyd and Ridley Briggs. Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present.

Property Owner Open Forum:  Jeanise Mulcahy asked the Board about future plans to get East Tall Tree cleaned up.  Some lots / trailers are in very poor condition.  Property Manager Anthony Nelson responded that at least two places are being notified to improve their places. The Mulcahys own 7 lots, and want to have a nice area.

Approval of November Minutes:  Approval of Minutes from January 2018.
President Ed Claypool asked the Board for objections or comments to anything in the January 2018 Minutes.
Motion to approve by Ed Loutherback, and seconded by Sandy Stephens.  Unanimously approved.

Officer Reports:  Treasurer Report:  Ridley Briggs  

  • January Cash Flow report was presented to the Board.  Beginning Balance Operating account end of December was $26,811.50, Income January was $109,508.50 and Expenses were $27,720.21. Savings Accounts are approximately $181,294.07, which includes South Road Assessment, General Roads, Retaining Wall, Special Projects, and North Road Assessment.  The Month of January had a Cash Flow of $83,301.71.  
  • C.D. Balances when added to the Savings Accounts balances, the total was $306,294.07.


  • Ridley Briggs also mentioned that Anthony had been checking with First National Bank regarding FDIC Insurance on Tall Tree Accounts.  Corporate Accounts are only guaranteed up to $250,000.00.  Because of the Road Work to be done this year, the balance going over that amount will be quickly used, but on the years Road Work is delayed until the following year the balance would not be insured over $250,000.00.

Ridley Briggs motioned to make sure Tall Tree Funds would be kept at $250,000.00 or below.  He suggested that we transfer the Savings Accounts to another local Financial Institution, and keep the Operating Account and C.D.’s at First National Bank. The Savings Accounts are mainly used for Road Work and that is every other year and would not be allowed to exceed $250,000.00 at any time.  Michael Morgan seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved by canvassing each Board Member.


Committee & Other Reports:  


Maintenance:  Anthony Nelson explained to the Board that the Camera had been installed at the North Gate, and pictures were not available yet because of an error in setting it up initially.  But the pictures he can see from the video screen look good, and he will be working on how to download it to his computer.  The sign is up at the North gate notifying incoming cars that they are being videoed. At the current time, that is the only gate with a camera as a test. If they work as hoped, they will be installed at each gate and the swimming pool.  Signs will be posted at all 3 gates and the pool, English and Spanish.
Ridley Briggs moved that Surveillance signs be posted in English Only. Julie Boyd seconded that motion. Members were canvassed, with Three Yes and Two No and One abstention. Approved.

A Lot Owner from the South, just North of the South Gate, wants to sell back her lot to Tall Tree for $1000.00.  This lot would allow Tall Tree to improve the looks of the South Gate entrance; and fill in a mud hole that is on that lot.

Anthony suggested to the Board that Tall Tree sell Gate Remotes to Contractors for $40.00 each in order to reduce the traffic and damage on Tall Tree roads. It would be so much easier on our roads if they could enter the South Gate when working in that area.
Michael Morgan motioned that Tall Tree sell gate remotes to “Approved Contractors on the Franklin County Water Districts List”.  Ed Loutherback seconded the motion.  Board Members were canvassed, with Four Yes and Two No.  Approved.

At the end of 2017 the balance of our Operating Account was a little in excess of $26,000.00, and the Board needs to decide whether to open another c.d. to replace the ones that were cashed out to pay for the Retaining Wall and Club House foundation repair, or how to distribute. 

Fee Structure Committee:  Mark Jackson said that a meeting was planned for Friday, February 16, 2018.  And a report will be made to the Board next month.

Insurance Review:  Michael Morgan reported that Tall Tree Resident Tim Doell was heading up the research and would have a recommendation within 10 days. Marsh McClennan Insurance Co. is working with Tim to search different options to present to the Board.

Strategic Planning -  Presented by Sandy Stephens:  The Board would like to introduce strategic planning, which will set goals for the organization years down the road, and identify resources or actions necessary to achieve those selected goals. There are five main parts and these will be built on as time permits. 

  1. Assessment
  2. Analysis of Desired Goals
  3. Schedule of Prioritized Goals
  4. Plan to Secure Necessary Resources
  5. Evaluation of Success

The Plans for Road Improvement by Property Manager Anthony Nelson in all of Tall Tree is an example of what can be done with strategic planning.
The success of the overall plan will be enhanced with the response of Tall Tree Property Owners and Full Time Residents when asked how they feel about their Tall Tree Community, and what specific things made them want to own Property in Tall Tree.

Changes to be made at Main Entrance:  Julie Boyd presented sketches of possible changes to main entrance by removing current stone median which is 9 X 17’ and has been hit several times by trucks or trailers coming in through the Main Gate. 



The New Proposal will be 15 – 18 ft. further back on the Entrance, and much thinner, suggestion is 3 X 10’.  The main purpose will be to divide traffic and improve the looks of the Entrance.  Water and Electric will still be available at the site. 
Julie Boyd motioned to remove the current median before paving begins, and plans for a set back of 15 – 18” from the current median and a cut-out approximately 10 – 12’ long for the new median with water and electric to be available to accommodate a longer, wider turn radius for larger vehicles.  This would act to slow down and divide vehicles and would house a sign Welcoming Visitors and Property Owners to Tall Tree.  Ridley Briggs seconded the motion.  Unanimously Approved.

Road Contract Approval:  Ed Claypool told the Board that 3 or more Bids had been received, Texana, T & S, B.G.Williams, and Area Wide.  Some of the bids were very high, and might be a sign that Company already had contracts and was not interested in Tall Tree work.  Some of the Companies would do some of the work, and contract out work they did not have expertise or machinery to do. 
Ridley Briggs motioned that the Board Approve the Road Committee to make the decision on which Contractor to use, because the Road Committee is still working to understand and compare all bids presented up to and including $210,000.00.  Ed Loutherback seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.

New Business:  Ed Loutherback presented a list of informational signs suggested for Tall Tree Property Owners.  The first one mentioned was a sign at the Tall Tree Office to designate parking for Office Business Only.  A sign to update current signage stating pets should be on a leash to all Dogs must be Leashed or in a fenced yard, and placed at each gate.  He also suggests a Road Limit Sign at each gate that specifies a Gross Weight Allowed on Tall Tree Roads (unless otherwise permitted).  Also, a suggestion to remove the current Litter Signs because he feels they are visual clutter, and not in keeping with the other signage in Tall Tree. Another suggestion is that a sign directing traffic out the South Gate at Fawns Crossing and Red Oak.  Basically, there are several street signs that are faded or in poor condition that need replacing.  Another suggestion is that the No U Turn sign be changed to a clearer wording of No Turn Around.  Signs are missing or in poor condition in the North in several areas.   Ed Claypool suggested that he would like to know Prices and order of importance.  Sandy Stephens suggested his list be added to the Strategic Planning Evaluation for review next month.

Round Table Discussion:  Ridley Briggs told the Board of someone who followed his Daughter into Tall Tree with her lights off.  She told Ridley she was the granddaughter of Dr. Mattson and had a key to their house but it would not work.  (Dr. Mattson has been deceased over 10 years).  This lady said she needed gas to get back to Dallas and Ridley gave her $20.00 for gas to get rid of her.  He reported this all to the Sheriff’s office, but did not get a license plate or exactly what kind of car she was in.

Sandy Stephens had researched a statement made in a previous Board Meeting regarding if a neighbor’s tree fell across your property and who was responsible for cleanup and damage.  She asked to be placed on the agenda for the next Board Meeting in March.

Julie Boyd commented that during road repair planned in 2018 that care be taken to not place gravel by trees.  She does not want further damage to our trees in Tall Tree.

Motion to adjourn by Ridley Briggs.  Second by Ed Claypool.

Submitted by:  Donna Gunn
Office Assistant