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                                                                                               TALL TREE POA  BOARD MEETING
DECEMBER 11, 2018

Tall Tree Board of Directors met in Regular Session, December 11, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree Clubhouse located at 60 Cypress Creek Dr.

Call to Order:   Vice President Ed Loutherback called the Tall Tree Board of Directors meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 

Introduction of Guests:  Jim & Cathy Hancock

Roll Call of Officers: Board Secretary Chris Glenz called roll: Bill Miller, President (absent); Vice President Ed Loutherback (present), Board Member Tim Doell (present), and ACC Chairman Michael Morgan (absent), Treasurer Mark Jackson (absent), and Roads Chairman Ed Claypool. Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present.  Proxy votes of Bill Miller and Mark Jackson were given to Ed Loutherback; and Michael Morgan’s proxy vote was given to Tim Doell.

Property Owner Open Forum:  No comments or questions

Approval of November Minutes:    Chris Glenz asked the Board for objections or comments to anything in the November 2018 Minutes.
Motion to approve by Ed Claypool and seconded by Ed Loutherback.  Unanimously approved.

Vice President Ed Loutherback asked the Board if everyone had read the January 2019 Newsletter that was sent out for review, and if they had any questions or suggestions as to changes needed. 

Ed Loutherback also opened a discussion about informational signs and placement of such signs in Tall Tree. Ed does not see that the current sign and placement is effective, as trash continues to litter the roads in Tall Tree, and on FM 2723. He suggested that an effort be made to study what the best position of informational signs would be, and hopes a Committee will be formed to that end.  He feels that a comprehensive written policy is needed, but that any action should be tabled at this time.

Committee & Other Reports:  

Officer Reports: 

Treasurer Report:  Property Manager Anthony Nelson (in the absence of Treasurer Mark Jackson)   

  • October Bank Balance was $81,595.45 plus income of $2,995.41 in October less expenses of $14,213.88 and one outstanding check of $141.00 brought the November 30th Statement Balance to $70,235.98.  The Cash Flow was -11,359.47 for the month of November. Total all accounts (C.D.’s; Savings; Checking) $227,621.84.  Anthony Nelson reported that 2018 Income was 130.3% of Projected Budget, and Expenses currently 103.48% of Projected Budget (due to North Road Improvements that will be paid back by North Roads Income).
  • There is still a deficit of $35,643.70 owed to the North Roads Paving Fund. This was taken from the Standard Operating Budget to take advantage of price breaks when doing paving in the South and Entrances.




Architectural Control Report: Property Manager Anthony Nelson (in the absence of Michael Morgan):  ACC Permit Fees for the Month of November, 2018 were a total of $1,178.50 for 7 permits issued.

Roads Committee Chairman Ed Claypool has driven the roads in Tall Tree looking for projects that can be done by Tall Tree Maintenance as 2019 is an off year for paving.  He found several roads in the South that can be improved by ditching to keep water from running over the road; adding a culvert and ditching Hounds Bay; Repairing holes and soft spots on Deer Trail; using Seal Coat on Winding Lane and Cypress Circle where no paving will be done in 2020. Llano in the North needs 3 large culverts; ditching is needed on Medina and Bandera; Placing Rap on road surfaces as required; Replacing the Culvert at 2723 and Oak Bend (which requires concrete endcaps required by the State since it faces a road maintained by the State.) and the first driveway on Oak Bend needs a Culvert and Ditching.  Ed Claypool said that a Budget needs to be completed before any order or priority is set.  He also

Property Manager Anthony Nelson: Tall Tree is currently working on two Property Foreclosures, and our expectation is that they will be completed by March 2019.  The Retaining Wall Surveyor has been released because of numerous errors on several plats submitted.  We will be hiring another Surveyor who will be surveying 3 properties now, and the FCWD expects the new plats to match the original plats from 1983.

Anthony has found a new Collection Service and is currently placing 300 accounts with them.  These are all past dues two years or more or have been returned “addressee unknown”.  They will work these accounts for 120 days and place with an Attorney for another 120 days, before returning to Tall Tree with suggestions for Legal Action.  We have placed liens on these properties.

The Backhoe has been returned from Conroe Tractor after heavy maintenance, and the first estimate was reduced from $3700 to $2500, but invoice has not been received as of the meeting.

Tall Tree has experienced some vandalism in the North, and the Sheriff’s office caught 4 boys who were using paint on Stop Signs, on Properties, and even inside a home in the North.  The Parents have contacted Anthony and are in the process of making restoration to Tall Tree Signs, and are working with the Homeowners to correct the damage done to Private Property. 

Monday December 10th a Contractor was arrested for theft of Property from a Homeowner. The Homeowner was having work done on the property, and had installed a camera and was able to watch the theft and notified the Sheriff’s office who was able to arrest the Thieves when they returned to finish the work they were supposed to be doing. 

Ed Loutherback had e-mailed a Signal Net Broadband Internet Service Proposal to the Board for review, and asked for any comments or questions they might have.  They have asked Tall Tree to pay $1000.00 for a feasibility study, and the charge to the Homeowner is estimated to be $800.00 to $2,000.00 per home. The monthly charge for Broad Band service is estimated to be around $158.00 monthly, but that is for a T1 hookup.  Property Manager Anthony Nelson said they Tall Tree would also have to donate lots to placed the towers on.  Tim Doell also said that he expected that it would not be long until a 5G network would be available, with technology happening so fast.  Ed Loutherback also commented that the feasibility study would not show many people interested as most homes in Tall Tree are owed by people who are not full-time residents. 



Vice President Ed Loutherback presented to the Board a need for a Variance by The Chaney Boys as they want to add a ‘Floating Jet Ski Lift’, and needed to place it on the North side of their property line and it would encroach onto the lot next to them.  He has already spoken to the Property Owner and has written permission to do this, but the FCWD needs a variance issued by Tall Tree P.O.A.  The lot is an empty lot that is basically a drainage lot that will never be built on, and the jet ski will not be on the lot, just in the water in back of the lot.
Chris Glenz motioned that a Variance be issued to allow the jet ski lift be allowed to extend past the Chaney’s lot and into Mr. Marlow’s lot.  Ed Loutherback seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.

Roundtable Discussion:  Tim Doell had visited with Anthony Nelson to get copies of all Tall Tree By-Laws and Documents. He found that we have no structure for Proxy approvals, and feels a statement is needed and should be added to the By-Laws; and that these Proxys be given to the Secretary before any meeting to be added to the Minutes.  He found that multiple complete documents are not found in one place. Tim feels that a notation is needed to direct to find additional information.
Motion to adjourn by Tim Doell 6:50 p.m.  Ed Claypool seconded the motion.

The Board entered into a Closed Session Meeting.

Submitted by:  Donna Gunn
Office Assistant