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                                             TALL TREE POA BOARD MEETING
                                                      December 12, 2017

Tall Tree Board of Directors met in Regular Session, December 12, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the Tall Tree Clubhouse located at 60 Cypress Creek Dr.

Call to Order:  President John Astrello called the Tall Tree Board of Directors meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. 

Introduction of Guests:  Jesus Romo, Bill Miller, Jody Williams

Roll Call of Officers: Board Members: John Astrello, President; Ed Claypool, Vice President; Sandy Stephens, Julie Boyd, Secretary, Ed Loutherback and Ridley Briggs, Treasurer.  Michael Morgan, Second Vice President/Architectural Control Committee Chairman, was out of town. Property Manager Anthony Nelson and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present.

Property Owner Open Forum:  President John Astrello opened the floor for any discussion from Guests. Guests had no comments.

Approval of November Minutes:  Approval of Minutes from November 2017.
President John Astrello asked the Board for objections or comments to anything in the November 2017 Minutes.
Motion to approve by Ridley Briggs, and seconded by Sandy Stephens.  Unanimously approved.

Officer Reports:  Treasurer Report: Ridley Briggs

  • November Cash Flow report was presented to the Board.  Beginning Balance Operating account end of October was $48,715.30, Income November was $3,937.04 and Expenses were $14,004.14. Savings Accounts are approximately $178,909.13, which includes South Road Assessment, General Roads, Retaining Wall, Special Projects, and North Road Assessment.  The Month of November had a Cash Flow of ($12,204.33).  
  • C.D. Balances when added to the Savings Accounts balances, the total was $342,679.78.


Committee & Other Reports:  

Maintenance:  Anthony Nelson reported that the last of the 2017 Road Repair Budget had been spent ordering materials to be used in preparation for the coming year’s Road Work.  Maintenance is currently filling cracks on the roads to protect our roads from water/freezing damage, and then they will begin filling potholes.
Anthony presented to the Board a suggestion of purchasing Camera’s to capture activity on each gate, and at the pool.  There was recent damage done to the Main Gate from someone pushing the gate open by hand.  The Camera’s would capture license plates and/or photograph of persons damaging Tall Tree Property.  Approximate cost of Camera’s he is suggesting is $700.00. This would be a battery backup…Stand alone systems would be another $350.00 and require electricity.  Anthony Nelson will research further, and bring options to the Board in January.

Road Repair:  Ed Claypool presented a slide presentation of suggested Road Improvements / Repairs.  Information found out by Anthony regarding replacement of Culvert on Red Oak and 2723, is that the State of TX will not allow a 40’ Culvert, and that the max allowed is 30’ with concrete ends required.  Work is planned in the South and in the North in 2018, and Tall Tree


will be meeting again with Lake Communities in order that all work in this area can be combined to reduce prices and attract bigger companies that have their own machinery.  Transporting Machinery is one of the biggest costs when having road work done, and by combining with other Lake Communities to increase the amount of work done, it will be beneficial for us all.  Ed Claypool plans to have Tall Tree’s RFQ form firm by 01/10/18 and the form sent to other Communities for fill in…with firm up by all work to be done by February Board Meeting. One Master Bid which includes work for all Lake Communities…with separate contracts for each…Bigger Companies do this all the time with surrounding towns…and it is to their advantage cost wise and transport costs by the Companies involved. 
Ed Claypool motioned that an amount of $3,000.00 be approved by the Board for Oil Sand and Culverts to be used for road preparation before the Spring Road Repair begins.  Julie Boyd seconded that motion, and it was unanimously approved.

John Astrello commented that the Board had discussed the 2018 Budget and Salaries and Personnel items had been forward to each Board Member and Anthony.  He then asked about the Christmas Lunch provided to Tall Tree Employees, and wanted to firm up a day and place to meet.  Anthony had searched for different places, but some do not have lunch available until Fridays or Saturdays…He did comment that Applebee’s had been a great place to eat lunch, and if need be we could go there again.  Board Members are encouraged to join in appreciation.

Ed Loutherback commented that he personally had been spoken to several times about the signs on the gates…Maybe the placement and style of the signs are the problem, but they need to be removed off the gates!  Sandy Stephens mentioned that a good plan might be to keep in mind what the Board wants Tall Tree to look like in 3, 5, & even 10 years with a long-range plan.  She and Julie Boyd will be visiting other Lake Communities in the area to get ideas also.

Roundtable Discussion: 
And at the Meeting’s end, Mr. Jesus Romo mentioned that he had noticed an improvement in the Neighborhood as far as cleaning up the area.  He is proud of Tall Tree for the improvements that he has noticed. Jody Williams commented that there was a noticeable crack near her house in the New Road just put down last year.  It may be because of the Trash Trucks getting so close to the edge of the Road.  Donna Gunn let the Board know that Mrs. Lynne Fuentes had lost her Son, Ray, to cancer. Ed Loutherback commented regarding protecting the Reserve Account, and he was able to provide the Board with a copy of B.F. Hicks letter regarding this.  Ridley Briggs commented further on what Mr. Romo had spoken about.  Tall Tree is such a wonderful place to live, and many people show Pride of Ownership in their places, and it makes for a great Community.   A short discussion of what would be included in the next Newsletter, information of interested to all Property Owners.   Julie Boyd commented about the deplorable condition of the Tennis Courts, and feels that it might be a good idea to ask for idea’s and comments from the Community.   It is an amenity that is advertised and promoted, and they are basically unusable.  The Tennis Courts will be put on the January agenda to discuss after some research. 

John Astrello told the Board that his resignation was effective immediately.  Ed Claypool is now the acting President.  Ed Claypool thanked John for his service, and wished him well at his new home in Arkansas.

Ridley Briggs motioned to adjourn, and Sandy Stephens seconded the motion.
Adjourned:  7:45 p.m.

Submitted by:  Donna G Gunn

                         Office Assistant