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October 20, 2018
Tall Tree welcomed First National Bank of Mount Vernon again this year, serving us the best Barbeque meal with all the trimmings.  Ken Greer, President, spoke briefly of the History of First National Bank. Our Thanks are to First National Bank and their Crew:  Ken Greer, Frankie Cooper, Angie Hunnicutt, and Mark Hyman for their provision again this year and for the mutual benefits we enjoy because of our financial relationship.  First National Bank was the first Bank to make a loan on Lake Cypress Springs, and they have been in business 117 years. They are experts at lending for Leasehold properties.  AND, this year, they brought a 24kt Gold Plated Eagle Dollar Coin to give away in a drawing…!!  And Donna Gunn was the winner!
President Ed Claypool asked for Ridley Briggs, Treasurer, to begin our meeting with an Invocation.        
President Ed Claypool called our meeting to order at 12:45 p.m.  Board Members present were Ed Claypool, Ed Loutherback, Tim Doell, Sandy Stephens, and Ridley Briggs.  Michael Morgan was unable to attend.
Property Manager Anthony Nelson, and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present.
The Tall Tree Prize Drawing was then done, and two entries were chosen.  Richard Steele and Jan Switzer were both recipients of a Gift Certificate for Maintenance Dues for the next 6-month billing cycle.
President Ed Claypool asked the Board for a motion to accept the October 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes.
Ed Loutherback motioned to accept the minutes from the October 2017 Annual Meeting, and Tim Doell seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.

2018 ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  President Ed Claypool spoke about the Committees that have done excellent work in 2018
Strategic Planning Committee:  Sandy Stephens and her Committee did an assessment of all resources and desired improvements; and came up with a plan and a schedule of priorities for these improvements. This Plan is a “Road Map” for Future Boards to follow.  This Plan is posted on the www.talltreepoa.com website under Bulletins. 
Fee Structure Committee:  Mark Jackson and his Committee considered the difference in Lot Sizes, and Multiple Lot Ownership, and the Unique location of various lots.  This Committee submitted 4 options to the Board
and after full discussion, the vote was unanimous for the Chosen Fee Structure.
Insurance Committee:  Tim Doell headed this Committee, and spoke to several Insurance Companies, discovering what the Tall Tree Board could improve as far as managing resources that affects the costs of Insurance, i.e. the Clubhouse, etc.
Financial Controls Committee:  Richard Hamrick and his Committee has put procedures and processes in effect to insure the Tall Tree Board and future Treasurers will be able to follow assuring the monies collected and spent will be done in a responsible manner.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Ridley Briggs presented the Treasurer’s Report.  January 1st through September 30th Total Income for Tall Tree is $373,680.69.  Ridley expects maybe another $10,000.00 to come in before the End of 2018.  Our Total Expenses for the Year 2018 totaled $438,631.06 and most of that was Road Repair and Materials.  Because Tall Tree did no Major Road Repair in 2017, that Designated Roads money was available to use in 2018 to get a better price.  Since Equipment moving is such a large expense, Companies give better price breaks the larger the job is. 
ROAD REPORT: President Ed Claypool showed slide pictures of some of the Road Work done in Tall Tree in 2018.  Some of the projects were:
            Failed Culverts Replaced on Red Oak and Whispering Pine Trail South
            Red Oak paved from 2723 through the South Gate
            Cypress Creek cement stabilized in spots and paved from 2723 to Deer Trail
Whispering Pine Trail South cement stabilized for a portion and paved from    2723 to Live Oak
San Saba (North) widened, cement stabilized, and paved from Cimarron to Guadalupe
Angelina Widened, cement stabilized, and paved from San Saba to San Saba
The Total Costs for this work was $223,208.76
ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL REPORT:  President Ed Claypool reported in Michael Morgan’s absence.  A Total of 72 Permits have been issued to date in 2018 for a Total of $16,927.61.  This is 141% over Budget Predictions.
PROPERTY MANAGER REPORT:  Anthony Nelson thanked the First National Bank for another wonderful Lunch.  He also thanked the Board of Directors for their foresight in being Proactive and not Reactive, with plans for 3 to 4 years in the Future. The P.O.A. is moving is a positive direction and the main reason is the Great Volunteers you have on the Board.       
The Tall Tree Board authorized Anthony to begin legal proceedings on certain past due properties, and those collection efforts have added $41,000.00 to Tall Tree income for 2018.  Attorney B. F. Hicks is currently handling Repossession Efforts of two Properties. 
Anthony has been working on identifying Trailers in the Trailer Storage area, because at the beginning of 2018 we had 84 trailers and the income received from that was only around $400.00.  11 Trailers are still not identified, and will be taken for scrap at the first of the year.
 Because the Board had three position open and only three applicants, there were no ballots mailed out this year. The 2018 Tall Tree Board of Directors is:
            Bill Miller  
            Ed Loutherback  
            Mark Jackson  
            Chris Glenz  
            Michael Morgan  
            Ed Claypool  
            Tim Doell  

Public Comments: Ed Claypool - Phil Smith commented on the “Do not Litter” signs on the gates.  He would prefer signs that are more natural to the Tall Tree area.
Jan Switzer asked about Tall Tree East properties that are sorely in need of “clean-up”, and are an eyesore, particularly at the corner of 2723 and across from the Red Oak Gate.  Property Manager Anthony Nelson responded that they have been fined for not keeping their property cleaned up, and also fined for unpermitted construction work on their property.  They have a time line they must meet, or an additional fine will be levied.
Richard Hamrick wanted to recognize Don Swain for his considerable contribution to the Tall Tree Community.  He not only opens and closes the Pool, but he checks the pool throughout the day for Current Residents only.  He also closes the Maintenance Gate after the Dumpster is full.  This is a great help because it keeps people from dumping around the dumpster and causing extra work for our Maintenance Men to clean up on Monday when they come in. 

Ed Loutherback mentioned that one thing that was not noticed earlier was that the Center Island Planter was removed when the Main Entrance was paved, giving more room for traffic in and out. 

And Ed also wanted to Thank Property Manager Anthony Nelson for the great job he is doing.  He has diligently worked to recover past due fees.  Ed Claypool stated that the work Anthony is doing in this area has kept the Fee Increase to a minimum for 2019. 

Ed Claypool asked for any additional questions or comments, and hearing none, asked for a Motion to close the meeting.

At 1:30 p.m. Ed Loutherback motioned the close, and Sandy Stephens seconded that motion.  Unanimously approved.

Submitted by:  Donna Gunn-Office Assistant