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October 21, 2017
Tall Tree continued its Annual tradition to have First National Bank of Mount Vernon prepare and serve us our meal; providing Hamburgers and all the complements this year.  Angie Hunnicutt introduced the Team serving us today. Our Thanks are to First National Bank and their Crew for their provision again this year and for the wonderful mutual benefits we enjoy because of our financial relationship.  First National Bank was the first Bank to make a loan on Lake Cypress Springs, and they have been in business 117 years.  They understand lending for Leasehold properties. 
President Harry Murray asked for John Astrello, 2nd Vice President, to begin our meeting with an Invocation.        
President Harry Murray called our meeting to order at 12:45 p.m.  Board Members present were Harry Murray, John Astrello, Jody Williams, Sandy Stephens, and Julie Boyd.  Ed Claypool and Ridley Briggs were unable to attend.
Property Manager Anthony Nelson, and Office Assistant Donna Gunn were also present.
The Prize Drawing was then done, and two entries were chosen.  Mike Cardwell and John Holverson were both the recipients of a $110.00 Certificate for Maintenance Dues for the next 6-month billing cycle.
Jackie Anderson and Brandon Rodriguez were present from The Marina at Lake Cypress Springs, and invited Tall Tree Residents and Property Owners to stop by to check out the new menu and to inform us all that many weekends Live Entertainment is available.  They also have a sign-up sheet that will allow them to keep us updated with goings on at the Marina. https://www.themarinalcs.com/
President Harry Murray asked the Board for a motion to accept the October 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes.
John Astrello motioned to accept the minutes from the October 2016 Annual Meeting, and Jody Williams seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.
TREASURER’S REPORT: President Harry Murray presented the Treasurer’s Report, as Ridley Briggs was absent.  C.D.’s for Tall Tree totaled $125,000.00, and with the Designated Savings accounts for South Roads, General Roads, Retaining Wall, Special Projects, and North Roads; along with the balance in the Operational Checking Account and Petty Cash, adding another $230,307.57 to that amount, Tall Tree is in good shape looking toward the future.  Budget has been met or exceeded in many of the assigned accounts with two more Months in the Year to receive payments.  And Major Projects have been completed in the year 2017.
ROAD REPORT: President Harry Murray showed slide pictures of Thomas Byrd and Stephen Sherman, who make up our Maintenance Staff, working on the big Culvert under the Whispering Pines North and South Roads where they intersect. It had completely failed, and would have destroyed the Road if not fixed.  Slides also showed work done on the Club House to lift and level after rotting wood allowed the building to slide some; replacing the wood pilings with 12 Helical Piers at a cost of $12,000.00.  In Tall Tree East, which has not had any Road Work done in years, Recycled Asphalt was laid at a cost of $11,000.00 and our Maintenance Staff did the work.  Another critical project was done on a road on Windy Point to replace a 200-ft. retaining wall that was destroyed after the big flood of 2017 at a cost of $24,000.00.  The Road was failing in that area also.
ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL REPORT:  Jody Williams reported as the Architectural Control Committee Chairman.  She has done an outstanding job this year, ending up with 226% over Budget.  She reported several New Builds this year, Remodeling, Homeowner Projects.  Tall Tree is growing, because we are one of the premium Communities on the Lake. President Harry Murray spoke concerning Jody’s dedicated service to Tall Tree, making sure Contractors and Property Owners followed Tall Tree Rules and Regulations; working to protect Tall Tree’s interests and has been a great benefit to Tall Tree for her time on the Board.
PROPERTY MANAGER REPORT:  Anthony Nelson thanked the First National Bank of Mount Vernon again for the wonderful meal, and commented that it was especially appreciated because they clean up after themselves before leaving.  
He especially thanked everyone for taking time out of their busy lives to come to the Annual Meeting.  It is so good to see everyone.
 The Year 2017 has been a very busy one, with building going on; Contractors causing Road Damage; Grass Fires; Woodline Fire; South Gate Damage from an 18-wheeler cutting the curb too sharp.  Thomas Byrd, Maintenance Manager, has really stepped up and has worked quickly and repaired what was repairable, spending as little as possible to keep the Machinery in good repair and working order.  Tall Tree has gone through 4 Maintenance Assistants this year, working under Thomas Byrd. Not many men can keep up with Thomas.
Anthony Nelson also thanked our Pool Monitor this year, Don Swain.  He and Tana have been invaluable to Tall Tree to make sure the Pool was not overcrowded and that Property Owners only were using the Pool.  He also made sure that the Dumpster gate was not left open after it was full, as trash seems to accumulate around the Dumpster even after it is so full, nothing else can be placed in it.  Then when our Maintenance Men come in the next morning, it has taken them an hour or so to clean up the mess around the Dumpster.   AND Don worked for a couple of cases of Dr. Pepper!  He was a Volunteer working to make Tall Tree the very best it can be! 
President Harry Murray addressed Tall Tree Property Owners explaining that this was his last year on the Board, after having served as President two years.  He and Jody Williams came on the Board as the same time, and while it has been very rewarding, it can also be stressful.  The Board strives to do the very best job for all Property Owners, with the objective of making Tall Tree the very Best Community around Lake Cypress Springs.
Again, Much Thanks to First National Bank and the excellent meal and service they have once again provided. 
Property Manager Anthony Nelson announced the two new Board Members joining the Tall Tree Board for 2018:  Ed Loutherback, after moving here in 2002 has served on the Tall Tree Board three separate times (as President), and Michael Morgan, who moved here after retiring from the Navy, and has been very instrumental in helping Jody with the Architectural Control Permits.  The count was very close this year for the 4 applicants, and our hope is that the two applicants remaining will join with the Tall Tree Board to fill Committees.  It takes us all to keep Tall Tree Community as the Best on the Lake.
President Harry Murray also reviewed some of the year 2017 which included Dog Packs running loose in Tall Tree, and one Property Owner, Mark Jackson, had a dog killed by this pack.  After much discussion with the FCWD and the Sheriff’s Department, it was decided that Animal Control from Mount Vernon would respond when there was a problem on Lease Back Property (Not on interior lots that are not Lease Back).  The Mount Vernon Animal Control Officer is Colin Clasby, and his phone number is 817-301-8311 and his e-mail is colin@comvtx.com  Please contact him and explain the situation you are having with “pack dogs”.  Mr. Clasby does ask that if possible, you maintain sight of the dog or dogs and he will respond with a better chance of picking them up.
President Harry Murray commented that items that may be considered by the incoming Tall Tree Board of Directors are:

  1. Making Monthly Payments available to Property Owners
  2. Reviewing current fees charged
  3. Golf cart rules – at least one Adult with a Driver’s License on the cart
  4. Boat trailer storage:  We have 47 owners recorded and 80 trailers, some with flat tires and totally rusted.
  5. Restroom remodel at the Swimming Pool
  6. Planning for a 5 year period for such things as Roads, Personnel Costs, Grounds Maintenance, Infrastructure, Amenities, and Tennis Courts.

All of these things will be looked at and voted on by your new Board of Directors for 2018.
Adjourned 1:20 p.m. Motioned by Julie Boyd and seconded by Sandy Stephens.

  Submitted by:  Donna Gunn-Office Assistant