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Meeting of Tall Tree Board Members 2019

Tall Tree welcomed Alliance Bank (formally First National Bank of Mount Vernon). They served us a Barbeque meal with all the trimmings. President Ken Greer spoke briefly of the transition to Alliance Bank.  Our Thanks to the Alliance Bank and their crew: Ken Greer, Frankie Cooper, Angie Honeycutt, Rachel Pierce, and Shannon Oliver.  Alliance bank are experts at lending to Leasehold Properties.
President Bill Miller asked Richard Hamrick to begin the meeting with an Invocation.
President Bill miller called the meeting to order at 12:45 p.m. Board Members present were: Bill Miller, Ed Loutherback, Michael Morgan, and Chris Glenz. Property Manager Anthony Nelson was also present.
President Bill Miller began the meeting by congratulating the current Tall Tree P.O.A. Staff, Anthony Nelson, Donna Gunn, Thomas Byrd, and Steven Sherman.  He also asked those in attendance to invite their Neighbors to come to the next Annual Meeting.
President Bill Miller asked the Board for a motion to accept the October 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes.   Vice President Ed Loutherback motioned to accept the October 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes, and Architectural Committee Member Michael Morgan seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.
The Year 2019 in Review:

  1. Voted for a Bare Bones Budget 1st 6 months since 2018 ended in the red.
  2. Raising Fees in 2020 to cover Cost of Living increases, insurance costs, Utility Bills, etc.
  3. Repairs to the Club House: 2 Air Conditioning Units, one purchased and plans to replace the other next Spring.
  4. Pool House refurbished: Floor, Vanity Sinks, Painted walls and trim. Cost $1,200.00
  5. Graded Tennis Court Grounds; Covered with Landscape Fabric to secure dirt until grass takes hold, and keeps water from the road from washing down across the Tennis Courts. The Work was done by Thomas Byrd and Steven Sherman. Cost: $4,000.00
  6. Walled Landscape area by Main Gate with a drainage system to prevent water from running under Office porch. Cost: $3,200.00
  7. Replaced Office Porch: Cost $5,300.00
  8. Replaced excessively worn and outdated signs: Cost $1,200.00
  9. Dump trailer beyond repair, sold for $2,000.00; New one purchased new one for $6,800.00.

10.) Two Pumps went out on the Pool. One was repaired, and a new    one was purchased. Filter System had to be replaced, and replacement sand ordered. Cost: $2,400.00
Property Manager Anthony Nelson gave the Treasurer Report for Treasurer Mark Jackson as he was on Vacation. January through September 2019 Total Income for Tall Tree P.O.A. is $345,998.02. Total Expenses Year to Date have been $201,152.92. Delinquent Fees have been aggressively collected this year but that has come at a cost of $36,912.76 for Collections and Legal.
Ed Loutherback noted that No Major Road Repair was done in 2019. Heavy Rains had a severe impact on some of our roads. Tall Tree Maintenance has done ditching on Cypress Circle (in preparation for 2020), And Ditching was done on Medina, Trappers Trail, Pecos, Taos, and Bandera intersection.  The Incoming Board will be discussing ways to use the North Limited Funds to the best advantage.   Planning and quotes for paving will be sought this Fall for an early start in the Spring of 2020.
Vice President Ed Loutherback gave a review of signs to be updated or replaced in 2020. He will also be moving the signs closer to the gates, to make sure Property Owners are kept up-to-date on important information. Residents are responsible to take notice of signs as instruction, especially the “Dogs must be leashed at all times or in the Property Owners own yard”. There will be no signs on the gates unless it is an emergency. All “Do Not Litter” Signs have been removed.
Michael Morgan noted that the ACC Committee collected $19,881.25 year to date, mostly because of New Home Builds and Old Home Renovations. He thanked Chris Glenz for her help, and noted that in 2020 Property Owner John Bothwell will be helping her.
Tim Doell was not able to attend the meeting, but has worked all year on Tall Tree Policies, Procedures, and By-Laws. He will begin soon to seek bids for Insurance for Tall Tree in 2020.0
Election Results:
The Board for 2020 will be: William Miller, Mark Jackson, Chris Glenz, Ed Claypool, Michael Morgan, Jim Hancock, and John Bothwell.
Yearly Drawing Prize:
Shirley McAfee and R.T.Sekhon won the Drawing for a Gift Certificate for the Maintenance fee for one lot for 6 months.
Public Comments and Questions: President Bill Miller asked for people to run for the Board. It is a Volunteer Position, but is very rewarding to serve the People you live near.
Jan Switzer asked about a Tall Tree Policy regarding feeding the deer. She has Neighbors who are feeding them. Tall Tree does not have a policy, but feeding the deer is definitely a detriment to all Residents. They are very plentiful already. The Rules regarding firearms are only in force to stop hunting on Tall Tree Property. Hunting is not allowed.
Old Cars on lots in Tall Tree. Anthony stated that No Unregistered Vehicles should be stored on Tall Tree Properties. There will be a $100.00 a Month fine for such beginning in January 2020. Vehicles should be running and registered.
Another topic brought up was yard sales. They are not permitted in Tall Tree. People are advised to use the Optic Herald or the Mt Vernon Garage Sale site online.
Property Owner and Resident Ridley Briggs thanked all the Board Members for doing such a good job this past year.
President Bill Miller asked if there were any more questions or comments and hearing none, asked for a Motion to close the meeting.
Vice President Ed Loutherback motioned to close, and Michael Morgan seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.
1:45 p.m.
Submitted by Nancy Miller and Donna Gunn