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                                             TALL TREE POLICY MANUAL

Table of Contents

  • Construction – New Homes, Boat Houses, Retaining Walls, and       Remodeling (Fee Schedule Attached as an Addendum)


  • Camping – Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, Camping while under construction.
  • Rental of Property in Tall Tree (All Sections)


  • Trash, Burn Pit, Dumpster, Burning on Lots
  • Recreation Facilities – Club House, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Parks, Boat Ramps


  • Crime Watch, Firearms and Fireworks
  • Insurance, Purchasing, Office Procedures and Other


  • General or Misc.  
  • Fine and Reimbursement Structure


  • Gate Policy (adopted 4-14-09)
  • Past Due Fee Policy (adopted 7-14-09)


  • Facility Usage by Past-Due Members
  • Use of TT Equipment by Members


  • Contract Procedures
  • Fence Policy Guidelines (adopted 2-12-2013) 


  • Driveways and Parking Areas (Residential)


  • Remote Disposal of Treated Effluent (adopted 9-8-2015)   Application Requirements (Adopted 09-08-2015) 
  • Contractor Work Times (Adopted 09-08-2015)






In order-to clarify, to make subjective, specific, and comprehensive the year 2000 Board of Directors has by unanimous vote moved to rewrite the policy manual.  Instead of chronological the manual will be divided into subjective sections as listed above in the table of contents.  All past Board action will be combined so as to avoid contradictory policies.  Future Board action that sets or changes existing policy should be included by page revisions where applicable.  The Secretary of the Board will direct the changes and have these distributed to the other board members for inclusion in their manuals.



  • Construction (New, Add On, Remodeling, Retaining Walls & Boat Houses)
    • No new entrances to Tall Tree Property will be allowed where the property is accessed behind the gated entrances.  This applies especially to what appears to be easy access to Tall Tree Property from CR 2723.  (adopted 3/12/2013)


    • All construction to be approved by the Architectural Control CommitteeRequest by either the property owner or builder should be made through the Tall Tree Office and be accompanied by the necessary fees as listed in the fee schedule.  The forms to be completed for the request are “Construction Permit Application” and “Agreement Form”.  Also included with the request will be a ¼-inch scale plat drawing (The lot with outline of the building location) and the building floor plan drawing (1/4-inch = 1 foot Permits are issued for a Six (6) month period:  construction should be completed to a dried in state within 6 months, exceptions must be approved by Board Action. (Revised 9/2003)
    • Unfinished Construction – It is a board policy to deny issuance of a building permit for a contractor who has not completed, or is not showing an effort to complete other work in progress in the community.  This is not to prevent a contractor from having more than one job in progress but to prevent a contractor form leaving unfinished work for an indefinite period of time to the detriment of the property owner. (Board Action 6/12/90)


    • Fences will be approved on an individual basis with consideration given to neighbors and to the view from lots on either side of the fenced property. (Board Action 6/21/88) See adopted ((2-12-13) Fence Policy XVI.
    • No storage building shall be allowed on a lot that does not contain a permanent structure.  Existing storage building will be allowed to remain as long as they are properly maintained.  (Board Action 9/20/88)


    • The only “Above Ground” private property allowed on the road right of way shall be postal boxes of approved type. (Board action 9/96)
    • Construction debris must be containerized. (Board action 1/19/88) (Revised 9/03)


    • Signs – Proper real estate “For Sale” signs are allowed only while the property is listed with the real estate company. Builders may place there company sign on the construction site during build process.  No sign shall be larger than 6 sq.ft. The POA Board is allowed to post various informational and directional signs as required. (01/12/16)  Political election signs are allowed during the active election cycle.
    • Deteriorating structures will be removed by the property owner upon proper notification.  Failure to do so will allow the POA to remove and bill all costs to the property owner through the Franklin County Nuisance Abatement proceedings. (9/2003)


    • Rainwater Harvesting Systems – are permitted provided that it is not located on property owned by Tall Tree POA, or on an owner’s property between the street and the front building line.  The drawing for the system is to be pre-approved by the ACC for purpose of controlling size, type, and aesthetic effect.
    • Solar Panels – are permitted provided that it is not located on property owned by Tall Tree POA, or on an owner’s property between the street and the front building line.  The drawing for the panel must be pre-approved by the ACC for the purpose of controlling the size in relation to the roof and the aesthetic effect.


    • Flags – are permitted provided they are located only on owner property, are constructed of permanent, long-lasting materials, with a finish that is harmonious with the dwelling, and no more than 20 feet tall.  The flag and flagpole must be properly maintained.  Lights on the flag are not permitted and the halyard must be a rope system designed to minimize noise.
  • Camping – Motor Homes, Travel trailers, Camping While Under Construction


    • Definition – Spending the night on a lot where no permanent dwelling exists.


    • All Covenants and Restrictions of the various subdivisions will apply.

NOTE:  The Covenants and Restrictions for the North Three subdivision specifically allow camping but no camping is allowed in any other subdivision.

    • Camping on property while home is under construction: Camping for this purpose is to be allowed in a self-contained unit only i.e. motor homes and camper trailer for no more than 6 months.  (No tents will be allowed). Trailers and motor homes must be maximum 30 ft. and originally designed for this purpose.  
      • Camping is limited to the Property owner and his or her immediate family. The intent to camp should be made along with the application for a building permit by letter to the board of directors.  This letter should include a description of camping facility with a full description of the sanitary facilities (E.G. Holding Tank & Frequency of emptying, Septic system – Type, contractor and completion date, etc.)


      • The TTPOA Board would then vote on each letter of intent and approve, approve with condition, or disapprove.  Then notify the property owner of the action. 
      • Upon approval by the TTPOA Board the property owner would make application to the Franklin county Water District for a camping permit on all leaseback property.  When this permit is issued it should be prominently displayed at the job site along with the building permit and septic system permit.  On all other property in the development the covenants and restrictions for that subdivision will apply.


    • No camping will be allowed on any Tall Tree Community Property such as roadways, Parking areas, parks, or boat ramps.




  • Rental of Property in Tall Tree (All Sections)

In order to further detail rules concerning the delegation of rights that the property owner enjoys the following policies are established. (See Article Five Sections 2, Bylaws)

    • The rental of property on a short-term basis (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly) will be considered commercial activity and therefore a violation of the covenants and restriction.  The Supreme Court of Texas has upheld short-term rental as commercial activity.


    • Rental of a property may be approved by a request in writing to the Board of Directors along with a copy of the lease agreement for a least six (6) months and giving personal identification information of the proposed renter.  The property owner will then be informed of approval through the Tall Tree Office before occupancy should take place.  No sub-leasing of property by an approved renter is allowed.  Forms necessary for compliance with this policy may be obtained in the Tall Tree Office.

Disposal of Trash & Garbage, Burning on Lots


    • Trash Service: Residents shall contract privately with a trash service. Trash collection vehicles shall not exceed the developments vehicle weight limits.  
    • Burning in Tall Tree POA – All fires in TTPOA are subject to Franklin County and/or TTPOA burn bans.  All Fires must be small and attended by an adult until they are extinguished.  Lot cleaning fires are limited to small controlled brush fires and must be attended at all times by an adult.  You must have water available.  Large trees must be hauled away.  The property owner that is burning is responsible for all property damages that may occur.  Contractors are not allowed to burn on any property. There will be a minimum of a $200.00 fine for non-compliance.  (Revised 4/2002)


  • Recreational Facilities
    • Club House - Club House use to be reserved on a first come first serve basis by residents in good standing only.  Please obtain a copy Clubhouse Rules for fees and requirements from the office. The resident that reserves the clubhouse must be present at all times during the function it was reserved for and must take full responsibility for their guest.  A $100.00 deposit will be required when reservation is made and $100.00 charge for the use of the facility.   The deposit will be refunded if the Club House is left clean with no damages.  The Club House is a Non-Smoking facility.  Drinking is allowed in moderation. Kitchen facilities are intended to be for warming and serving of food. No cooking, frying or baking is allowed. If a barbeque grill, fryer or similar is to be used on site, it must be located away from all structures on the grass or parking lot.


    • Swimming Pool – The swimming pool is open from 10 AM until 9 PM (Board Action June 08) except closed Mondays for maintenance (Tuesdays when Monday is a Holiday).  The normal season for opening is from the Memorial Day Weekend until the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend.  There is no lifeguard on duty so those using the pool should take extra precaution in supervising young children.  An adult family member must accompany children under 12 years of age.  Immediate family members need not be accompanied by the property owner but should have a Tall Tree ID card with them.  An adult property owner should accompany guests and guests are limited to three. (Board action 1992) Posted pool rules will be observed or violators will be required to leave.
    • Bathhouse Hours (revised 4-14-09) – Period when swimming pool is open (late May through mid September).  The bathhouse will be open whenever the swimming pool is open for swimming.  It will open at 10:00am and close at 9:00pm Tuesday through Sunday.  The pool is normally closed on Monday for maintenance except when a holiday falls on Monday.  In those instances, the pool will be closed on Tuesday.

In no case will the bathhouse be left open overnight in order to deter vandalism. (Due to insurance regulations)

    • Other Facilities – Tennis Courts, Playgrounds & Picnic Areas, Boat Ramps and piers are provided and maintained for the use of Tall Tree Property Owners and their guests.  When used by guests the property owner should be present.  Overnight parking at boat ramps and piers is discouraged and allowed only in emergency situations.



Firearms & Fireworks


    •  Firearms, discharging Firearms is discouraged in Tall Tree.  Also, care should be exercised in the discharge of pellet or BB guns.  The power of the modern air gun or rifle is great enough to cause serious injury.  Hunting in Tall Tree is PROHIBITED.


    • Fireworks – The discharge of fireworks should always be under adult supervision and care should be exercised to prevent fires. During County “burn bans”, the county-wide sale and discharge of fireworks are prohibited. According to the Franklin County Water District (FCWD), the use of fireworks around the lake is limited to the holidays listed on their website (fcwd.com). When one of these holidays falls on a weekday, the use period may be extended to encompass additional days. Generally, the FCWD would like the use to stop at 10:00 p.m. Complaints of improper use of fireworks shall be director to the Franklin County Sheriff’s office.

Insurance, Purchasing, Office Procedures and Other


    • It is the policy for the POA to carry Commercial Insurance in the form of General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Property Coverage.  Also, State Law requires Automobile Liability Insurance.  The Board of Directors will obtain quotes from other carriers, as deemed necessary and will review amounts and types of coverage’s annually. 
    • It is the policy for the POA to carry Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.


    • Purchasing – Contracts for goods and/or services approved by the Board of Directors do not require a purchase order.  Also, purchases of goods and/or services that are for less than the established minimum do not require a purchase order. Emergency purchasing may be made when the welfare for safety of the POA is assured by that purchase.  When a purchase is made under this Emergency Policy it will be brought to the attention of the POA President as soon as possible.  Petty Cash Fund is $150.00.


Purchase Limits and Approvals (Effective April 1998)

     Amount                                                     Approval
$100.00 or less                                    Purchase Order not required
$101.00 but less than $1000.00          President of Board of Directors
$1001.00 but less than $3000.00        President and another Board Member
$3001.00 or more                                Presented to the Board of directors

    • Office Procedures – The duty of the Office Manager will be to properly and accurately receive and maintain records of business transactions and affairs pertaining to the Property Owners Association.  This includes but not limited to, accounting, business affairs, updating and maintaining computer programs, public and membership relations, typing and all secretarial duties required.  Also, maintain an up-to-date file on all property owners.  Will accurately handle all accounts receivable and payable and all other correspondence required by the Property Owners Association.  To prepare monthly reports as required by the monthly board meetings.  May be required to perform other duties as directed by the Board.  The Property Manager is not authorized to enter any contract or agreement on behalf of the POA without prior signed authorization of the Board of Directors.  The Property Manager will be paid an expense allowance for mileage on personal vehicle based on current government allowance.


    • Office Hours are from 8 AM to Noon & 1 PM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday with the exception of normal holidays.  A telephone answering machine will be in use during the lunch hour and on weekends.


    • No request for listing of all Property Owners will be honored except by Board approval. (Dec 1990)
    • Complaints – A form letter for Property Owners to record a complaint or inquiry has been established and also a form letter for use by the Office Manager to inform property owners of violations. (August 1999 attached as addendum’s)


General and miscellaneous

    • Established a policy of filing an Abstract of Judgment against those delinquent in maintenance fees and/or other assessments and filing these judgments in the county of residence of the person on whom the judgment is obtained and in Franklin County.


    • Established a policy of filing a nuisance complaint with the Justice of the Peace of Franklin County in the case of disregard of notice and failure to comply with Covenants and Restrictions and/or By-Laws as provided by State Law.    Revision 10/3/00
    • All Tall Tree employees and Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to endure that any asset owned by the POA, when disposed of brings the maximum value back to the POA. All sales must be an “Arm’s Length Transaction”.  The following guide lines should be used to ensure a fair transaction.


          • Real estate:  Individual lots (property that can be plated as a free-standing independent lot) with or without improvements shall be listed with a licensed real estate agent. At least 2 agents from independent offices shall be asked to bid on listing the property. The board shall be presented the offers and will determine the best representative to list with. Once property has been listed and an offer/s have been received, it shall be presented to the board for disposition. The board may determine which offer, if any is in the best interest of TTPOA. Determining factors can include price, proposed improvement value, etc.
          • Real estate: Partial lots (property smaller area than required by TTPOA or FCWD). This type of property has unique properties due to the fact that it cannot be plated as a standalone property. This type of property can only be sold to an adjacent owner that shares a common property line, who will be required to re plat both properties as one. In this case, all property owners that abut said property shall all be given equal opportunity to bid. If property is used for access to any other property, all parties must consent to any easement established. Using a real estate agent in this case is not required as long as all parties that abut property are notified in writing of their opportunity to purchase.


          • Machinery and Equipment:  All property that disposed of shall be at fair market value. This included trade in value of trucks and Machinery. Fair market value shall be defined as what an independent third party would pay.  Any property that is sold to an employee of TTPOA must be approved by the board.


D. Organizational Records – are open and available for any member to review; however, there must be a written request for records.  The request must identify the records requested and indicate whether the records are to be reviewed in the office or copies sent to the requestor.  Within 10 business days, the office staff will provide notice of when the records may be viewed at the office or send the requestor an estimate of the cost of printing the records for mailing.  Once this cost is paid by the requestor, records will be mailed.  The cost of printing either on paper or electronically will be $.25 per page.  If the requested records are not available, an explanatory letter will be sent to the requestor within 15 days of the request.  Exceptions to the open records include the following:
a.   attorney files
b.   personnel records
c.   violation histories of owners
d.   owners’ personal financial information
e.   owners’ contact information other than address.
Excepted records may be released with a court order.

E. Records Retention Schedule – the following records will be maintained for these periods and then destroyed:
a.   Financial Records (7 years)
b.   Account records of current owners (5 years)
c.   Contracts for terms of at least one year or more (4 years after the expiration of contract)
d.   Minutes of owner meetings and board meetings (Permanently)
e.   Tax returns and audits           (7 years)
f.    Governing documents           (permanently)


Fine Structure and Reimbursement Structure
    • First Complaint ……………………. Written Warning


    • Second Complaint …………………. $50.00 Fine
    • Further Complaints ………………. $200.00 Fine


The Board of Directors voted to adopt this fine structure as part of the Tall Tree Policies on June 13, 2006.  It is designed to help enforce the Tall Tree covenants & restrictions and or the Tall Tree rules and regulations.  (Adopted 6/13/06)

  1. When damage to common property occurs, the calculation of the cost of reimbursement to the Tall Tree POA will be as follows: 
    • If our staff is to be used for the repair, our current cost per man-hour, plus 30% which includes the cost of insurance, workers compensation, and other ancillary costs associated with employment.
    • If our equipment is to be used, the cost will be the prevailing daily rate (beginning with one day) for same equipment at a rental yard accessible to the TTPOA.
    • If the scope of repair is beyond our capability, our cost of an acceptable contractor to make the repairs plus 10%.  (adopted 3/12/2013)


  • When damage to common property of the Tall Tree POA occurs from the action of the property owner or by the guests of a property owner, the damage assessment will be levied first against the perpetrator(s) of the damage.  However, when reimbursement for the damage is not forthcoming, the property owners who hosted the perpetrator(s) will be secondarily assigned responsibility for the damage and monetary reimbursement to the Association. (adopted 3/12/2013)


  • Gate Policy (Board action 3-17-2015)

The North Gate (Whispering Pines) and the South Gate (Red Oak) shall remain closed at all times and in automatic operation.
The Main Gate (Cypress Creek) shall remain closed at all times and in automatic operation. (Board action 7-14-2015)

Gate remote openers shall be sold to Tall Tree Property Owners and registered contractors. No property manager, yard maintenance, or delivery personnel shall have a remote unless specially granted by a Board vote.  No property owner shall obtain a remote for any of the aforementioned individuals.  Gate openers will be provided to all emergency personnel (law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, etc) at no cost.

There is a paging system at the main gate entrance that enables guests to page property owners via phone lines.  The guests can identify themselves to the property owner and the property owner can open the gate by pressing “9” on their phone.  Instructions are posted at the paging site.”



Gate Opening

If a property owner has a special function that requires one of the gates to be opened for the convenience of their guests, they may make a request to the Tall Tree office that a gate be opened.  The request must be made well in advance and must include which gate, the date and time it is to be opened and the length of time that will accommodate their guest’s arrival.  This request may be made in person, via phone call or email.  Since all gates open automatically for exiting, the period the gate is open should be kept to a minimum. 

Every effort should be made to use the main gate for off-hour entrance.  The Tall Tree property owner can issue their guests the “contractor gate code” (issued for 6-month periods on January 1 and July 1 each year and published in the semiannual Newsletter).  Using the main gate in this manner will reduce the need to involve volunteers for the off-hour gate opening activity. 

Contractors should be issued the “contractor gate code” and instructed to use the main gate.  Should the off-hour activity involve the delivery of heavy materials or equipment, arrangements should be made through the Tall Tree office to open the gate nearest the work site to minimize potential damage to the roads. Contractors registered with the FCWD may purchase gate remotes at the office.
*Board action 8-14-2018

  • Tall Tree POA Past Due Policy As It Pertains to Maintenance & Assessment Fees (adopted 7-14-09)

If fees have not been paid after a period of one year the matter will be referred to a professional agency for collection.  If the collection agency is unable to bring the debt current (including its fees) within one year and the property in question is viable, the matter will be referred to an attorney, who will make a recommendation regarding a judgment against the resident.  All fees and expenses will be attached to the resident’s property.

If a repayment plan is agreed on, to bring the account current, it must be in writing and signed by the member.  Should the repayment plan become 60 days past due, the matter will be immediately referred to an attorney regarding judgment.

If the board elects to negotiate a settlement for past due accounts, the owner must abide by the payment schedule and keep future payments current for a period of 36 months. If the owner becomes delinquent the settlement shall be deemed null and void and the full pre settlement amount shall be due.    No other repayment plan will be negotiated at this point. 

  • Facility Usage by Property Owners


We encourage property owners to use the Tall Tree Facilities, including the swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis courts and basket ball courts.

Since they are maintained by collected maintenance and/or road assessment fees, all users will be current on these fees.  Property owners with past due accounts (older than 45 days of the billing date) may not use the facilities until they are current and join in the support of our amenities. Revised: 03/2011

  • Use of Tall Tree Equipment by Property Owners


Use of Tables and/or Chairs Away from the Club House

  • Property owners must be current on both their maintenance and road assessment fees.  Current means within 45 days of the latest statement.
  • Requests for use must be made to the Tall Tree office at least one week prior to the usage date.
  • A $100 deposit is required before the items can be picked up.  The deposit will be refunded provided the items are returned on time in as good a condition as when they were picked up. Items must be picked up at an appointed time during regular Tall Tree office hours.
  • Items are to be returned during regular Tall Tree office hours the first workday following the usage date.
  • The borrower is responsible for picking up and returning the items unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Items will only be available if the Tall Tree property manager determines the items are not required for previously scheduled activities at the clubhouse.



Use of Other Equipment

  • The use of other clubhouse furniture and equipment away from the clubhouse is not permitted.
  • The use of Tall Tree equipment (such as trucks, trailers, backhoe, tractors, mowers and lawn equipment) is not permitted.

 Board Approval:  8/8/09

  • Contract Procedures


Work will be bid and contracts issued according to the following guidelines:

  • All projects expected to be over $3,000 will be competitively bid.  Bids will be requested from a minimum of three (3) qualified bidders.
  • Comprehensive written specifications will be prepared to adequately describe the project, define insurance and lien waiver requirements, performance bond procurement, payment        schedule and other administrative requirements of the project. 
  • Unless Tall Tree has had prior favorable experience with the bidders, references will be obtained from those who have had work done by the contractor previously, from vendors who have provided materials to the contractor and from sub-contractors.  If appropriate, examples of the type of work to be performed will be reviewed from each bidder.  These inputs/reviews will be obtained by a minimum of two (2) board members including the committee chair under which the work is to be performed, the board president or board vice-president.
  • A written summary of the bids received including inputs from references and reviews of similar       work done by the bidders will be provided to all board members at least five (5) days prior to any board action to select and approve the bidder to be awarded the contract.  This written summary shall be reviewed and approved by the Property Manager before it is provided to the board.
  • A written contract will be prepared according to established standards that will include the specifications.  This contract will be signed in accordance with established Tall Tree dollar approval limits and by the contractor.
  • The committee chair or other designated person will monitor the work while it is being done.  If the work is not being done according to the specifications or is otherwise unsatisfactory, the monitoring person shall have the authority to halt the work.  Work will not continue until the situation is rectified.
  • Following completion of the work, a review of the work regarding quality and adherence to the specifications will be made by a minimum of two (2) board members including the committee chair, the board president or vice president.  Approval of these two (2) board members must be obtained before any payments are made to the contractor.
  • Any deviation from this procedure will have the prior approval of the board.


Revision:  3/13/12
Board Approval:  3/13/12


  • Fence Policy Guidelines
  • All fences within Tall Tree must be approved and permitted by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  Permit requests shall include site plan with fence location, design, and materials.
  • Fences should be of open construction design.
  • Gating off property  within tall tree is forbidden
  • Fence height should not exceed four (4) ft. except where special approval by the ACC has been granted.
  • Preferred construction material should be of wood, wrought iron, steel, cable, or vinyl.
  • Chain link fencing and privacy fencing, while discouraged, will require special consideration and approval by the ACC.
  • Fencing shall be within the property lines. A current survey and/ or known property corner hubs must be in place.  No fence shall be placed where it impedes water drainage.
  • Fencing constructed in utility easements and rights of ways are subject to removal for servicing requirements.  This is limited to the rear easement of 10’ and side easements of 5’. No fence will be allowed to be placed in the front easement (from front property line to street) for any reason. Property owners shall bear the expense of any re-installation.
  • Prior to installation, location of underground utilities shall be accomplished by calling 811.
  • Any fencing should be considerate of all neighbors.


XVII.     Driveways and Parking Areas (Residential)

  • All residential driveways and parking areas within Tall Tree must be approved and permitted by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  Permit requests shall include detailed site plans with driveway/parking location marked prior to approval for review by the ACC.
  • Driveway/parking shall not interfere with natural drain field of surrounding and nearby properties.  Drainage easements and barrow ditches are not to be altered in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the ACC.  No drainage of any kind is allowed to be directed onto adjacent lots or Tall Tree roads.
  • A driveway on a sloped property should be elevated sufficiently above the surrounding terrain to allow runoff to enter drainage easements thus preventing erosion of the driveway and runoff entering Tall Tree roads.
  • Appropriately sized culverts shall be installed where required by the ACC.
  • Approved inorganic construction materials include concrete, asphalt, chip seal, gravel, crushed stone, crushed granite.
  • No dirt or grass driveway/parking is permitted.
  • No recycled shingles or building material is permitted.
  • Tree removal required for construction shall be kept to a minimum.


Adopted 9-8-2015




XVIII.       Remote Septic Effluent Disposal System

  • Remote disposal where the effluent originates on one property and is transferred to a secondary property thereby crossing Tall Tree property (roads) shall have special requirements and considerations. The maximum distance of 200 ft. is allowed. ( property line where septic tank is located  to property line where spray field will be located)
  • Prior to any construction approval must be obtained from the county septic inspector and FCWD where applicable.
  • A registered sanitarian must have reviewed and approved the plans in writing.
  • A detailed map illustrating the precise route shall be provided.
  • Entry and exit points shall be clearly marked on the plans and strictly adhered to in construction.
  • Access boxes shall be installed at both ends.
  • Existing utilities shall be clearly marked by the appropriate authority and depth known prior to any construction.
  •  Piping shall be a minimum four (4) feet below the nearest utility.
  • Piping shall be encased in a sleeve visible at both ends.
  • A tracer wire of minimum 14 gauge shall be installed for trace purposes.
  • Any required electrical circuits for pumps, alarms, etc. shall be encased in appropriate conduit separate from the effluent sleeve and shall be terminated at each end according to approved codes.
  • An “as built” survey to scale showing precise conduit location and routing must be provided immediately upon completion of the construction.
  • A $500 refundable deposit (check or credit card) will be required prior to construction.  Any violation of stated requirements is cause for forfeiture of deposit.
  • These requirements shall ensure that any future repairs may be made without compromising Tall Tree roads and/or utilities and those precise locations of septic lines are known in Tall Tree development.
  • Property owner shall be responsible for any damage to roads and infrastructure from leaking effluent lines.


Adopted 9-8-2015

XIX.    Permit Application Requirements

  • A Tall Tree property owner must be current on all fees, dues, and assessments prior to any building permit approval. 
  • Property Manager will verify that a property owner is in good standing prior to permit application acceptance.
  • No ACC member shall approve a building permit without verifying that said property owner is in good standing.

Adopted 9-8-2015



XX. Contractor Work Times

  • Construction is permitted in Tall Tree from 7 am until 7 pm Monday through Friday
  • Saturday construction will be allowed 8 am until 3 pm
  • Construction shall not be permitted on Sunday or any recognized holiday.

Adopted 9-8-2015