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Tall Tree Property Owners Association


          The Tall Tree Property Owners Association (TTPOA) Clubhouse is owned and maintained by the Association.  It is primarily for the use of TTPOA members in good standing*.

Authorized Use

1.    *The Clubhouse is for the use and benefit of TTPOA members that are current on all dues and fees and have no unresolved complaints against them.

2.    TTPOA members in good standing may reserve the Clubhouse for private functions on a first come, first served basis. Any resident that rents club house must be present during the function and take full responsibility for their guest.

3.    The Clubhouse may not be used for any purpose or activity that is illegal or not deemed in the best interest of TTPOA.

Fees, Deposits and Refunds
1.     Usage fees for the Clubhouse shall be as follows:

A.   On-going locally hosted meetings have no fee requirements.
B.   Private parties or functions by TTPOA members in good standing shall require a $100 fee.
C.  Outside users (non-residents, clubs, civic or church groups, etc.) shall require a fee to be determined by the board.

2.     A refundable security deposit of $200 cash will be made when reserving the Clubhouse for all private functions.  This will be refunded after the event, when the keys are returned, and an inspection of the facility verifies the Clubhouse and premises has been returned in a clean undamaged condition that is acceptable to the TTPOA Property Manager.

3.     Any inspection not found satisfactory to the TTPOA Property Manager shall result in the forfeiture of the security deposit.

4.     Any necessary cleaning and/or repairs that exceed the deposit will be billed at 2X the actual cost.

5.     Return of the deposit shall require the following:
        A.   All floors must be cleaned and vacuumed.
        B.   Restrooms must be cleaned.
        C.  Trash must be removed from the premises.
        D.  All decorations must be removed.
        E.   All furniture must be wiped down and cleaned.

        F.   Kitchen and all appliances must be cleaned with no food left in the refrigerator.
        G.  Clubhouse shall be returned in an “as reserved” condition.
Clubhouse Rules
1.     The care and use of the Clubhouse, its furnishings and equipment, as well as the surrounding area are the responsibility of the individual signing the reservation agreement and making the deposit.  This individual shall be held accountable for all damages and repair costs.

2.     A pre-function and post-function inspection of the Clubhouse and premises by the agreement signee and the TTPOA Property Manager shall be conducted to determine the condition of each.

3.     The Clubhouse may be used between the hours of 7:00 AM until 12:00 midnight.  No overnight occupancy is permitted.

4.     The TTPOA member reserving the Clubhouse and making the deposit shall be present at all times during the function, including the preparation time prior to the event as well as the clean-up time following the event.

5.     A maximum occupancy of (100) shall be adhered to.
Clubhouse furnishings and equipment may not be removed from the premises, taken outside, or used for purposes other than their intended use.  In addition, furniture may only be moved by permission from the TTPOA Property Manager and must be done by TTPOA employees.

6.     Alcoholic beverages may be used in moderation.

7.     The Clubhouse is a non-smoking and drug free facility. 

8.     Decorations may be placed in and around the Clubhouse with prior approval of the TTPOA Property Manager.  Said decorations shall be placed and affixed in such a manner that furniture, fixtures, ceiling, walls and floor will not be damaged or defaced.  All decorations shall be completely removed as part of the clean-up.

9.     Any type candle or open flame is prohibited.

10.   Cleaning supplies must be furnished by the individual reserving the function.

11.   Pets are not allowed in the Clubhouse.

12.   Minors shall be supervised at all times by an adult.

13.   Firearms, pellet guns, paint ball guns, and air guns are absolutely prohibited on the premises.

14.   No activity shall be engaged in that may be either offensive in nature or a nuisance to others.  No loud music.

15.   Set-up and clean-up shall be within the prescribed times as determined by the TTPOA Property Manager.

16.   An individual shall not reserve the Clubhouse for the intended use of a non-TTPOA member or outside group unless approved by the Board.

17.   A $5 fee shall be assessed for a lost key.

18 . Kitchen facilities are intended to be for warming and serving of food. No cooking, frying or baking is allowed. If a barbeque grill, fryer or similar is to be used on site, it must be located away from all structures on the grass or parking lot.

Clubhouse Administration and Management
1.     The responsibility and authority for the administration of the Clubhouse is vested in the Board.

2.     The Board shall establish all policies, rules and procedures governing the use of the Clubhouse and its premises.

3.     The TTPOA Property Manager shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the Clubhouse to include:

A.   Receiving and either approving or disapproving all requests for Clubhouse use.
B.   Scheduling all uses of the Clubhouse.
C.  Collecting deposits from individuals requesting use of the Clubhouse.
D.  Making a pre-function inspection for TTPOA member acceptance and a post-function inspection of the Clubhouse and premises to determine if the Clubhouse meets the criteria for deposit return.
E.   Return deposit to the individual when the inspection has determined everything is satisfactory.
F.   Advise the Board when the inspection reveals the clean-up is unsatisfactory or there is damage to the Clubhouse or premises.
G.  Make recommendations to the Board concerning the maintenance and/or repair needs of the building, its furnishings, equipment, and premises.


  Rev. 7/19

Reservation Agreement      Inspection Checklist