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3.01        The Board shall appoint an Architectural Control Committee.  The Board will determine the term and the number of committee members will appoint the individual members and will appoint the chairman of the committee.  The Architectural Control Committee shall review and either approve or reject all plans and specifications submitted to the Committee in accordance with the charge contained in Section 3.02.  The Board may also implement and adopt a fee structure for all construction or other applications submitted for approval to the Architectural Control Committee.




3.02   No residence, building, fence wall, boathouse, dock, deck or other structure shall be commenced, erected or maintained on any lot, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration thereof be made, until the details, construction plans and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to materials or location in relation to surrounding structures and topography, by the Architectural Control Committee or the Association.



3.03   A building permit fee may be assessed by the Board.  The fee is subject to change at the discretion of the Board and it shall be used to defray extra costs of maintaining roads in the Development during construction when heavy equipment will enter upon and travel on the roads to deliver supplies and equipment to construction sites.



3.04   Additionally, all construction must comply with the rules and regulations of the Franklin County Water District and/or Franklin County (septic systems) and any Owner shall obtain necessary permits as may be required by them.



3.05   Decisions of the Architectural Control Committee may be appealed to the Board by any Owner.  The Board shall hear the appeal and give a timely ruling. The Board’s decision shall be final.



3.06  Residence size, exclusive of all porches, garages or breeze ways attached to the main dwelling and structure location, shall conform to the following:


Minimum property Setback. ft.

Subdivision       Minimum size, sq. ft.     Front         Sides*         Rear

South                       1,200                   25               5               10

East                            450                  10               4               10

North I                     1,000                   10               4               10

North II                      450                   10               4               10

North III                    None                  10               4               10


No building or structure shall exceed two (2) stories in height

* Set back for corner lots shall be 25 feet from the side street               



3.07   No precedence of any prior architectural decision shall be valid evidence to affect subsequent decision, nor shall any prior decision serve to bind the Architectural Control Committee as to subsequent decisions.



3.08   Fences shall be approved by the Architectural Control Committee on an individual basis with consideration given to neighbors and the view from lots on either side of the fenced property.  No fence shall be erected or maintained within ten (10) feet of the rear  property line.



3.09   No free standing buildings including, but not limited to, trailers, tents, shacks, garages, barns, tool sheds, boat houses, or other outbuildings, shall be permitted without approval from the Architectural Control Committee.  No building shall be constructed of metal siding.



3.10a South and North I Subdivisions - No house trailer, mobile home, manufactured housing unit, camper, recreational vehicle (RV) shall be used as a permanent residence.

3.10b East, North II and North III Subdivisions - House trailers, mobile homes, manufactures housing units (excluding those in damaged or dilapidated condition) are permitted with approval of the Architectural Control Committee.  Prior to occupancy such dwellings shall be properly skirted, pinned and connected to utilities.



3.11   Facilities used in connection with any construction operations shall be subject to the approval of the Architectural Control Committee.  The Owner is responsible for: keeping the job site in a clean and orderly manner, containerization of or daily removal of trash and construction debris from the job site; provision of adequate toilet facilities at the job site.  Open fires at the job site are prohibited.



3.12   Construction, once begun, must be continuous.  Failure to complete exterior construction in a timely manner, as defined by the Architectural Control Committee, shall be considered a violation of the Covenants.



3.13   Temporary living arrangements on a lot during construction of a permanent residential structure may be used with the permission of the Architectural Control Committee and with all necessary permits from the Franklin County Water District and/or Franklin County.



3.14   An Owner shall have the right to use his lot or lots for temporary storage of construction equipment and materials, provided that such equipment and materials are for his immediate use in construction or maintenance on his lot within the Development.



3.15   All residences shall have septic systems which comply with the rules and regulations, and all amendments thereto, of Franklin County, Texas Water Quality Board, Texas State Department of Health and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, all of which present and future rules and regulations are hereby incorporated by reference for all purposes.



3.16   No individual sewage disposal system shall be permitted on any lot unless such system is designed, located and constructed in accordance with the requirements, standards and recommendations of local health authorities and in conformity with the minimum recommended standards of the Department of Health of the State of Texas and Franklin County.  Approval of such system as installed shall be obtained from such authorities.  All existing systems shall be maintained and function in accordance with all applicable state and local laws and regulations.



3.17   In the event a public or community sewer system becomes available, the Board shall have the power and authority to require connection of the residences to such system and to prohibit further use of septic tank systems.



3.18        Electric, water and telephone services are provided by public utility companies and shall be made available for each lot in the Development.  All residences shall be connected with water and electric services.  Each owner shall bear the expense of paying any deposits, cooperative membership fees or other hookup fees.  No water wells are permitted.



3.19   The Association makes no representation and there shall be no provision for natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (lpg) service in the Development.  Individual service for lpg is permitted and may be obtained through tank storage but no gas transmission lines are permitted in the Development.



3.20   Roads shall be provided and maintained by the Association to afford access to the exterior boundaries of each lot in this Development.



3.21   There is reserved for the use of the Association to facilitate the orderly placement of utility services within the development, and for the use of all Owners within the Development, a ten (10) feet wide easement along the front roadside of each lot and a four (4) feet wide easement along the exterior boundary lines of each lot in the Development (such easement being ten (10) feet wide on the front and four (4) feet wide on the exterior boundary lines of each lot and being within the boundary of each lot) for the installation, operation and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities.  No permanent structure or other improvement shall be placed so as to interfere with the placement of utility services with the easement area.



3.22   Owners shall provide and install an adequate culvert in any road drainage ditch  where driveway access to a lot is located, and shall keep said culvert open and clear of dirt, debris and vegetation.



3.23   No billboards, signboards, or advertising displays of any kind shall be installed, maintained or permitted to remain on any lot, except that one sign containing not more that four (4) square feet of surface area my be displayed in connection with the sale of any lot with or without a dwelling thereon.  The Association reserves for itself, its successors and assigns, the right to

place advertising displays on any size and kind in any area owned by the Association.  The Association may provide common signage for advertising of lot sales by Owners.



3.24   Mailboxes must bear the street address of the residence and conform to U.S. Postal Service regulations as to type and placement.  All residences must also bear the street address.



3.25   The Architectural Control Committee is obliged to respond to all reasonable requests and to act or render a decision on matters under its jurisdiction in a timely manner.  Should the committee fail to act within thirty (30) days after receipt of a request and pertinent plans and specifications, the request may be submitted to the Board and the Board shall render a decision within thirty (30) days of such submission.



3.26   All construction must be of new materials, except stone, brick, inside structural material or other materials used for decorative effect.






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