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4.01   No noxious or offensive activity, including excessively loud music, shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done thereon or any condition permitted to exist thereon which may be or become an annoyance, nuisance, or hazard to the heath of the neighborhood.  No activity shall be permitted which violates the quiet enjoyment of the property within the Development.



4.02   No vehicle, including specifically motorcycles, motorbikes, motor scooters, minibikes, mopeds, without proper and approved mufflers and flame arresters, will be permitted in, on or about this Development.  Operation of off-the-road, untagged and unlicensed vehicles shall be allowed only if driven on the roadways (not on private property) and if all speed limits stop signs and other safety rules are observed. Loud and offensive noises, including those made by such vehicles, are declared to be an annoyance, nuisance and hazard to the health and well being of the neighborhood and are expressly forbidden.



4.03   Unused automobiles or other vehicles without a current state registration shall not be stored or parked on any lot or roadside.  Streets are not to be used for private parking of vehicles except by visitors.



4.04   No trucks or commercial type vehicles shall be stored or parked on any lot nor parked on any residential street or road except while engaged in delivery to or transport from a residence.  For the purpose of this covenant, a 3/4 ton or smaller vehicle (commonly known as a pick-up truck) shall not be deemed to be a commercial vehicle or truck.  No vehicle of any size which normally transports flammable or explosive cargo may be kept in the Development at any time.



4.05   All lots shall be kept clean and free of trash, rubbish, garbage, debris, and other unsightly objects or materials at all times.  Trash, garbage or other wastes shall be disposed of in a sanitary manner and all containers other equipment for the storage or disposal of garbage and trash shall be kept in a clean, sanitary condition.  In the event of violation of this regulation the Board may send written notice of the violation to the Owner and the Owner will have fifteen (15) days from the date of mailing of such notice to bring the lot into compliance.  If the Owner fails to do so, the Board shall have the right to direct entry upon any lot for the removal of weeds, refuse piles or other unsightly objects or materials and to being the lot into compliance with the Covenants at the expense of the Owner, and any such entry shall nor be deemed as trespass.



4.06   No lot shall be used for the purpose of keeping, breeding, or raising animals or as a place for keeping horses, mules, cattle or other animals or poultry; provided, however, that the Owners may keep the usual and customary domestic or household pets. No commercial cat or dog kennel shall be permitted.   Pets must be confined to the owner’s premises or on a leash.  No pets shall be permitted to run at large.  The Board may assess fines against lot Owners who allow pet animals to run at large and may engage professional animal control organizations to capture and remove such animals at the expense of the Owner.  Horseback riding is not permitted within the Development.



4.07   Unattended fires are strictly prohibited at all times and you must always have water available for attended fires.  From time to time the Board and/or Franklin County authorities will prohibit all outdoor burning.



4.08   Hunting is prohibited in the Development.